"Sober Companions" Are A Lot Like Judge Judy

Last night's Intervention focused on "sober companions," former addicts who help others with the process of getting and staying clean. One such woman, Donna—who was assigned to work with a habitual relapser named Tara—was full of Judge Judyisms.

Tara is a homeless woman in her late 20s who is addicted to partying in general. Her drug of choice wasn't really made clear. According to the urinalysis Donna gave her, Tara came up positive for just about every single drug listed, although she claimed she'd been sober for several days. Tara lost custody of her firstborn daughter after her pediatrician discovered cocaine in the child's system. Shortly thereafter, Tara's family staged an intervention, but she was kicked out of the facility when it was discovered that Tara was pregnant, and the father was her drug dealer. She subsequently lost custody of that child, as well. She was finally ready to get her life together, and hired Donna as her sober companion to help her out and get her into a sober living facility. However, Tara wanted one last party before checking in, which Donna was not having. Basically, Donna didn't believe a word that Tara said about anything, which led her to say, "You can piss on my leg and tell me it's raining…" before walking out the door.

The sober living facility Tara was to check in to requires that residents be clean for at least 48 hours before moving in. However, Tara opted to get as high as possible instead.

After partying all night, Tara contacted Donna and told her she was ready to get serious about her sobriety. Donna invited Tara to stay in her hotel room for 48 hours to make sure she was sober so that she would be able to check into a sober living facility. Upon searching Tara's bags, Donna found a freshly used needle, as well as other people's checkbooks and identification. Donna then put her own valuables in a safe deposit box so that Tara would not have to opportunity to steal her identity. Tara finally checked in to sober living and 24 hours later, she relapsed and disappeared. She returned to the facility three weeks later, but because of some felonies she was charged with, she faces a very long jail sentence.



Good lord addiction is a fucking nightmare. I love Intervention, sometimes it makes me sad, sometimes it makes me angry but it almost always evokes emotions. I have to say it seems a helluva lot more personal since my brother in law died of alcoholism last year, he wasn't even 50. Sometimes I can't watch in intervention part of it, it makes me bawl my eyes out. The devil invented addiction, I just know it. What a life ruiner it can be.