Sobbing Sorority Sister: Real Or Fake?

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A real or fake Alpha Chi may have used fire extinguishers in her sorority house to make snow angels, but got in trouble for the violation, which led to an apparent breakdown.


We're not quite sure if this viral video - which is being passed around among bloggers this morning - is staged, but if it is indeed real, we respect her ingenuity at attempting a Christmas miracle with the material available. Why it might be real: the young women laughing in the background sound like genuine bitches. Why it might be fake: Some of her mannerisms/utterances seem so over the top that they feel actress-y. Plus, what sorority girl can't afford a fine if she has to pay dues to belong to a clique anyway?

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You ladies who are making sweeping generalizations about Greek life... just don't. Every school, every chapter is different. My sorority takes a VERY hard stance on hazing - if you haze, your charter's pulled. That's it. We busted our asses rushing in a nice, non shady way, and my God, we loved and spoiled our pledges.

I'm proud to be a mouthy feminist, a Texan AND a Kappa Delta.