When the author married "Leopold" a month after meeting him, some were skeptical. "My friends thought it was impetuous of me to go along with this breakneck courtship - especially since the ink was barely dry on my divorce from my first husband - but I could not be dissuaded. This was my lifelong image of what love should be like, and I was eager to start afresh," she writes in Marie Claire. And, sure enough, all was not rosy: seems what Hong interpreted as romantic quirkiness and childlike spontaneity was bipolar disorder. After Leopold's 4th suicide attempt, the couple called it quits. "Now, I am wary of overly romantic gestures, which is sad. But prudent." Yeah, well, the story of people suffering from serious illness is tragic. But hey, at least you can look as romantically melancholy as the pensive model the mag uses to illustrate "one woman's trip to the dark side and back"... dressed in "Sweater, $168, Calvin Klein; top, $78, Armani Exchange; pants, $79, Kenneth Cole Reaction." Sad - but stylish! [Marie Claire]