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So Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Have Reconciled, Apparently

Illustration for article titled So Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Have Reconciled, Apparently

Remember how Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne broke up amid rumors that Ozzy is actually a gargoyle from the semi-popular children’s cartoon Gargoyles? No doubt you were devastated, but there’s good news — the Osbournes are not breaking up, and they have the awkward public appearance to prove it!


The couple appeared together at a gala event, kissing awkwardly in front of their apparently delighted daughter, Kelly. According to reports in late April about the couple’s split, Ozzy had relapsed back into substance abuse, prompting Sharon to be all, “WTF, dude? The 80s are OVER!” and stop living with him. She later explained that she and Ozzy were not divorcing, but that she was pissed. Now, it seems that everything is back to normal, or whatever passes for normal in the Osbourne household.



Image via Getty, Kevin Winter

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So, you were subtly hinting that somebody should post this, right? I knew it.