Moms are pretty much the best. But just because many of them are amazing and lovely and badass doesn't mean they don't have their moments of frustration with their children. Or that they don't sometimes think they might even hate them.

Even though it's 2014 and self-deprecating mommyblogging has been around for a billion internet years, it's still looked down upon for mothers to publicly express much besides quiet, serene joy over the fact that they're moms. And, I mean, the double standard kind of makes sense. When people express regret over not having children, they don't stand to emotionally traumatize actual living humans who stand to be hurt from that proclamation. It becomes less okay to publicly express regret over something when that something resulted in the existence of other people who will one day grow to discuss you with their therapists.

And so, in the ramp up to Mother's Day, the anti-June Cleavers of the internet are venting their socially unacceptable frustrations on Whisper, the anonymous social network where users can leave their confessions for the world to see without attaching their real identities to their words.

There are all flavors of moms who kind of hate it. Mothers who are fed up that their kids don't realize how obnoxious they are:

There are moms who miss their old lives.

Moms who are bummed that pregnancy did a number on their bodies.

Or their cred.

Or both their bodies and their lives.

The gender of this parent who hates their son is indeterminate, but, yikes:

And it's not clear that this horrified parent is a mom, but their complaint about their kid is just too great to pass over on this day we think about parents and children.

Takeaways? First, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. If I had been on Whisper two Christmases ago, three glasses of wine in I'd be popping out statuses about how watching children open presents makes me regret not settling down with the boyfriend I had when I was 25 and just staying in Chicago. No matter what path a person takes, there's an unopened door they're always going to wonder about. That's life!


Second takeaway:Moms aren't perfect angels sent from heaven to selflessly love and teach lessons; even the most saintly and giving among humanity sometimes feels like they're at the end of their ropes. And being a mom doesn't inoculate a person from being an asshole.

If you're into this sort of thing, Whisper is 100% amazing juiciness in a constant juicy stream. You can download it all here. And a Merry Mother's Day to you and yours.