So things didn't work out between Bret Michaels and Ambre Lake (surprise, surprise), which of course sucks for Ambre, but is awesome for us because that means that Brett will continue to rock our world with Rock of Love 3, which will begin airing on VH1 in early 2009. This time, the show will take place on a tour bus, driving around the country for a month and stopping in different cities where the girls will engage in challenges to win Bret's love. But don't worry, we've been assured that Mud Bowl will still be an element on the show. [VH1]


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Aw, dammit. I was so hoping they could find a different "rock star" this time. I am so tired of Bret's schtick. How's he going to manage those "I'm sincerely looking for love" moments when it's obvious he's just into reality show pussy (and a steady income in his golden years.)

VH1 is Bret Michaels' pimp, and I don't mean that in a good way.