So remember last week when MSNBC reporter David Shuster caused a Clinton ruckus by saying that Hillary was "pimping out" daughter Chelsea by bringing her on the campaign trail? Well, writer and former call girl Tracy Quan, who knows from pimps, has a different take on the situation: Hillary isn't the pimp... it's Bill: "If you've experienced the American pimp scene - even peripherally, as I have - you'd recognize Chelsea Clinton's dad right away as pimp material. Long before Bill turned post-presidential as Hillary's hands-on helper, the Clinton marriage was settling into a pattern, starting with Bill's seductive charisma and moving right along with Hillary's decision to provide the financial support. In the 1990s, when feminists were casting Bill as an "equal partnership" spouse, he struck me as a quasi-pimp. Not a gigolo, you understand. That's not Bill's game at all. He was never there to be window-dressing or to keep Hillary amused, and he's too formidable a player to be taken for arm candy." [Guardian]



I wish this whole "pimp" and "ho" shite would disappear from American culture.

That shite be stoopid yo!