So much nineties today! The latest Page Six Magazine profiles Jane Pratt, a legendary magazine editor whose "unique personality" it describes in a phrase demonstrative of why Page Six Magazine is the only good thing about Sundays, as "a mix of Peter Pan, Carrie Bradshaw and Simone de Beauvoir." She's still not really doing much/oh yeah except that Sirius radio show no one listens to/trying to blame Brandon Holley for ruining Jane even though, hello. But she's gotten less obnoxious, except for in a quote I'm putting after the tag because I refuse to fucking get drawn into this Lori Gottlieb crap on the home page one more time.

So does she feel her generation of women was lied to? "Yeah. I based my life on the philosophy that I was going to do it all. I gave everything to work and assumed that I would be able to have kids and still do it all."

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@Trixie from Toronto: There is being proud and then there is having a whole magazine that is about How Cool Jane Pratt Is and How Cool the People Who Work with Jane Pratt Are, which is what Jane sadly became. And yeah, I subscribed to it for a looong time. She can blame Brandon and the loss of editorial control, but I doubt they were going "You know what this magazine needs? More of you talking about you, Jane".