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Starbucks is still getting hammered for its erroneous Race Together initiative. Larry Wilmore made it a topic on Monday's edition of The Nightly Show, with a wonderful panel that included The View's Rosie Perez, comedian Phoebe Robinson, designer Kenneth Cole and a fur-stole-clad 2 Chainz.


Much of the non-debate featured talking points we've already heard, with Rosie Perez immediately shooting down the campaign. "I think he was real sincere and earnest. It just was, like, not a great idea," she says. "I like to go to mom and pop shops because I want to have an honest, organic conversation. I don't want to be forced to have a conversation, especially early in the fucking morning."


Wilmore adds, "I think it's a trap for white guys."

Perez thought it might be uncomfortable because people don't want to be accused of being racist, while Kenneth Cole showed some sympathy for CEO Howard Schultz, saying the backlash might discourage others from trying something similar. "He's not gonna sell more coffee because of this," says Cole. "The fact that he's using his platform to talk about this very sensitive social issue—it's gonna remain sensitive until there's more discussion."

Try again. "When you have employees involved, I think that's where it went weird," says Perez. "That's where it went wrong." Wilmore later asks 2 Chainz (who prefers French Vanilla coffee btw) whether he ever talked about race with his customers while drug dealing (sigh). "I just tell 'em they need to race they ass over here and get it before it's done."


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