This past week was Haute Couture Week in Paris, and you know what that means: lots of celebrities sat in chairs for 45-minute intervals, gazing upon garments that cost more than your rent for a month. They also had to dress up in order to do so.

In the spirit of FASHION, here are what celebrities and fashion luminaries wore to some of the most prestigious couture shows:

First up, Versace. Jennifer Lopez is so beautiful and wonderful that she was able to look amazing in this terrifying half-pant half-maxi-skirt futuristic bustier contraption.

Other non-J. Lo humans in attendance: "It girl" Helena Bordon in a belted boyshirt (sure, why not), French Vogue editor and occasional North West babysitter Carine Roitfeld was stunning and sensual in a sheer shirt, Nina Dobrev of the Vampire Diaries wore a printed minidress.

Onto Chanel: Kristen Stewart debuted her new haircut, along with some mesh pants and a crop top. She made several facial expressions.

Lily Collins wore a glittery pencil skirt and a floral top, looked v. chic.

Dakota Johnson, soon to be of Fifty Shades fame, wore leather pajamas. Very E. L. James? Sort of? Idk.

The morning of the Chanel show, Jared Leto looked in the mirror and said, "Yes, yes, this is what I shall wear to the fashion event. These jeans. The golden ones."

Other attendees: Harper's Bazaar Russia editor Miroslava Duma went as a futurist pop-tart, Taiwanese actress Kwai Lun-Mei looked very regal and appliqued, French music producer/model Caroline de Maigret was more mod and understated.

Formal pants: model Alice Dellal, all fitted and floral, Korean pop star Lee Chae-rin looking like the coolest chick in the entire universe, Chinese actress Zhou Xun remaining beauteous despite her rather unfortunate misshapen tweed jacket.

Aaaaaaand Dior: here's Emma Watson in a rather experimental architectural dress with a sheer underbelly. I cannot understand how her shoes work.

Jennifer Lawrence wore a simple, minimalistic printed top (with copious side-boob, not pictured). Also, one of those weird Dior pearl earrings.

Charlize Theron looked like a statuesque goddess who was hanging out with Sean Penn for some reason.

Marion Cotillard! In a ruffly LBD with printed accents! Lovely!

Some ~funkier~ looks: Russian "It" girl Elena Perminova looking like she's going on a space picnic, designer Ulyana Sergeenko in quite the hat, Anna Dello Russo in a v. bold silhouette.

Helena Bordon wore a graphic top, jewelry designer Bao Bao Wan opted for Business Sexual, and the ever-gorgeous Zhang Ziyi was all sleek and composed. Again, I am puzzled by the shoes. They are marvels of physics.

ON TO VALENTINO: Kim Kardashian was there, in a really low-cut dress that got rained on a bit. It's not the most exciting garment that's ever been donned.

Emma Watson looked sooooooo good and edgy in a leather jacket over a sheer maxi skirt/bra combination. 100 times YES.

In longer gowns: stylist Anya Ziourova, Anna Dello Russo, and designer Lulu Tan in that music notes dress Katy Perry wore to the Grammys.

Today, in hmmm: art director Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea in a fur hoodie, Lee Chae-Rin in a pile of bump-its, "It girl" Cosima Ramirez in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit.

Images via Getty.