After backlash on the Internet, Amazon has removed an eBook entitled LMR Exposed: How To Overcome Her Last Minute Resistance To Sex, Turn 'No' Into 'Yes' And Get The Lay! Everything that's wrong with the book is summed up in its title: it's a guide that outlines how to coerce a resistant woman into having sex with you.

The "book's" product description (here's a link to its Google cache) delved into the topic of "LMR," or "last minute resistance," and it read like a striking reification of a normalized, metastasized rape culture:

Are you sick of getting a hot girl back to your place, excited at the prospect of fucking her, only to come up against last minute resistance when you go to make your moves…?

Maybe you go to kiss her but she pulls away. Maybe you reach to undo her bra, but she pushes your hand away…

Maybe you're already naked and all she has on are some thin lace panties soaked with her pussy juices. And yet for some reason, when you go to take off this paper-thin barrier between her wet pussy and your eager dick, she STILL stops you! Over and over again…

You get frustrated and think "what the fuck is this girl's problem!?" And no matter what you do or how you try, you just can't overcome her resistance. So quite naturally, you get annoyed and give up. Maybe you even go to sleep with this hottie laying right next to you.

It's almost like the universe is mocking you by making you lay right next to the girl you want to fuck so badly but can't. One sleepless night later, you haven't made love and you're left feeling drained, defeated and — let's be real — like a bit of a loser…

She walks out the door and you'll never see her again. What a waste. After all, you did ALL that work to get a girl alone in the first place and then you couldn't seal the deal. It stings the ego and it's torture for your sore dick and aching balls.

But believe it or not, this situation happens to countless guys just like you all the time. Guys who are actually pretty good with women but still haven't mastered the art of "closing"…

Believe me, I know all too well how irritating and embarrassing this is. This frustrating scenario used to plague me, too. And it has cost me sex more times than I care to admit.

But these days I rarely run into this dreaded Last Minute Resistance, or "LMR" for short. And in the rare cases that I do encounter it, I cut through it like a hot knife cuts through creamy, yellow butter.

And I'm about to show you how you can do it too…

In this detailed eBook and collection of real life case studies that are years in the making, I share the little-known mindsets and techniques that I and other extreme players have found to be consistently effective at breaking through a girl's last minute resistance to sex AND preventing it!

Obviously, there is no such thing as non-coercively "turning 'no' into 'yes.'" "Talking someone into having sex with you" using mind tricks or intimidation isn't surmounting the final obstacle on the path to seduction. Coercing someone into having sex when she does not want to isn't a "technique," it's date rape — something feminists were quick to point out on Twitter.

I read a preview of the title before it was removed; in it, Vinturi exemplifies a sense of misogynistic entitlement to female bodes and a complete ignorance of and/or disregard for the concept of consent:

You want to have sex with a woman; she doesn't want to have sex with you. ... Right?

Actually, no. Not quite. At first blush, this certainly appears to be the issue, but if she doesn't want to have sex with you, what is she doing in your home alone with you? Going through scrapbooks...?

And even worse:

A woman will intentionally strive to turn you off to see whether or not she can derail your sexual train of thought and action. If she succeeds, it signals the man may lack sexual potency... anytime you get pushback as things move in a sexual direction, the woman is testing you for raw desire (among other things).

The logic here is as follows: "You are entitled to the body of every woman who agrees to spend time in your company, and, if you don't pressure a woman into having sex with you, you are not a virile man."


This isn't the first time that clearly malignant logic dreamed up by PUAs and their ilk has been legitimized and proliferated by a powerful company — last year, for instance Kickstarter helped crowdfund a project that recommended sexually assaulting and harassing women under the guise of "pickup artistry"; the company later issued an apology, donated $25,000 to RAINN, and officially banned "seduction guides" and related materials. But the original inclusion of these seduction guides on sites like Kickstarter and Amazon is troubling for countless reasons — not the least of which is that instructions on how to sexually assault and harass women are passing for dating and relationship advice.

It's good that Amazon has taken the despicable eBook down — I mean, it quite obviously violated the company's content guidelines ("What we deem offensive is probably about what you'd expect.") But it would be better if they issued an apology and then worked to make it so that publishing and profiting off of offensive, pro-rape content is more difficult to do in the first place — they could start by issuing a less vague definition of what, exactly, constitutes unacceptable content. They might also want to remove Vinturi's author page in order to keep him from spewing out more misogynistic bile.

The Huffington Post notes that Vinturi took to his own personal blog on — where else? — Return of Kings to huffily denounce the feminists who pointed out that his wretched writing constitutes rape apologia. "Your pathetic mob efforts have zero impact on my business," he wrote in response to the sudden influx of 1-star reviews. "I (we) win." That post went up before his book was removed. Sorry, man, looks like you spoke too soon.

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