So It's Not A Jinx To Dedicate Your Book To Your Fictional Future Husband?

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Nicola Kraus, one of the authors of the Nanny Diaries just put an end to 33 years of the misery of singledom by getting married to a man. Oh my god how did she do it??? I knew you'd ask! According to Vows:

Last year Ms. Kraus decided to dedicate their latest novel, "Dedication" to her husband. No, she wasn't married. But she was hopeful. 'I was creating a place holder," Ms. Kraus, 33, said. "He was out there. I just hadn't crossed paths with him yet.' She began behaving as if she was already in love. 'You carry yourself differently when you're not alone,' she explained. 'I would carry myself at a party or a supermarket or a gym as if I was loved.' Then a month later David Wheir kissed her, and she no longer needed to pretend."


Okay, so clearly something about this is bothersome, but what?

1. So we're supposed to walk the streets in the same yoga pants and busted Chuck Taylors and expressions of total indifference to the male gender we'd be wearing if we had boyfriends who loved us? Because, you know, done.

2. Okay, I know I said "total indifference" but fuck if "Mr. Wheir" isn't totally fucking hot. Check the video.

3. All right, here's how it really happened: they were friends first, he'd flirt with her immaturely but he always had a destructive relationship with some girlfriend with whom he liked to suck face publicly - why do I suspect said girlfriend was working retail at the time? - and then Nicola was mean to the girlfriend the time she came with him to a dog's birthday party, which is totally not something I would generally pull, not that I would have a birthday party for a dog either, but still it's illuminating, to the extent that maybe if she had spent the party yakking with the girlfriend and ignoring David she not only would have secured herself a discount at the girlfriend's boutique but maybe might have hastened the process by which he came to the realization that any woman indifferent enough to his mammoth hotness to chat up his vacuous-ass girlfriend was not only emotionally independent enough to actually date, but sufficiently comfortable around shallow people to date him. Or maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. But seriously, what was she so intimidated by in his ex-girlfriend? Her movie starred fucking Scarlett Johansson.
(OT, but: did anyone else On-Demand Nanny Diaries? I love that Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti both star in that thing. Can't you just hear Linney being interviewed…"Well I loved working with him on John Adams but we couldn't exactly not work together again after the once-in-a-lifetime experience that was Nanny Diaries…)

4. The wedding service involved a reading from the book Eat, Pray Love.

Vows [NY Times]



@formerlyzivah: Ah, OK, I see what you mean.

Judging by this article, I think there is a very good chance that Nicola's married friends use their spouses as an excuse to not hang out with her "Dammit! Nicola just sent me an e-mail to hang out on Saturday night but I know she'll end up moaning into her cosmos all night about how unloved she is so I'm going to tell her that we're staying in because you haven't been feeling well."