So Is Ahmadinejad Kind Of Hot?

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You might have noticed Jezebel has been mum on the whole "controversy" surrounding Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to New York, mostly because we assume you agree that it is stupid to deny our country's freedom of speech to someone from a country so repressed that somebody ignorant enough to actually deny the fucking Holocaust gets elected to an albeit mostly ceremonial position by a popular vote. (Update: also, someone who denies the existence of Iranian gays.) But over the weekend we realized there was a bigger, more substantive controversy we'd been overlooking: is Ahmadinejad hot? He's like, obvs hotter when he's the one dressing himself down, and not the Columbia president. But his American Apparel steez is appealing. (Has Dov Charney been sending him jackets? Because that seems like something our favorite sex addicted Israeli would do.) Anyway, it's a shame: he's definitely hotter than Khatemi.


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My only real problem is that he's a major midget. Also, he pulls his pants up pretty high meaning two things 1) he probably has a beer belly, & 2) he's probably got a TEENY dick.