So I finally got myself to a Kohl's in Virginia over the weekend and my assessment of "Simply Vera" is, um, they were mostly out of my size, and I really loathe those women who are always whining that all the sizes carried in stores anymore are too big (seriously, women who do this: stop) but like, seriously; a lot of things seemed to be only available in sizes larger than 16 and it made me wonder whether Kohl's shouldn't have adjusted its size run of the collection. Because not for nothing did Simply Vera get so much press; a few pieces were really nice. This blouse — now on sale for $42.99 — was perfect and this coat thing looks really good on, not that it probably ever occurred to you that you would need a short-sleeved coat but whatevs. The fabrics were really nice and the craftsmanship seemed superb, though the netting adorning some of the tops was a little tacky and some of the bottoms seemed to have a hem problem. Kohl's itself was empty, Yankee candle-scented, and already selling faux pink and white Christmas trees. Ah, retail. [Simply Vera]



@amandasan: LL Bean has great ones too! All my roommates make fun of me when I get the catalogs but then they ask where I got my dress shirts that don't wrinkle. The same shirt is $88 at Brooks Brothers!