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Hey guys! Are you still there? Okay losers, it's Friday so the real question would be why, but since we bloggers generally favor the ephemeral over the existential I'm going to ask you something else. This week, the fact that the front-runner for president is a woman was even bigger news than it is every other week, starting with a maybe-auspicious election in Argentina, which was followed up by a gang-up by the "boys" at the debate, which was followed by her last-minute decision not to pose for Vogue, which was followed by an appearance at Wellesley, although not necessarily in that order I lose track sometimes. Anyway, it reminded me I hadn't really asked you this yet: how does Hillary Clinton being a woman make you feel about her? Because I've gut-checked myself here, and I'm drinking a beer which is like truth serum, and anyway every reservation I can think to have about this woman has way more to do with my femaleness than it does hers. In other words, as I've said before, Hillary appeals to my inner dude. But how do you feel? Take the poll if you can summon the energy!



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@NicoleItchy: Not all voting record are necessarily created equal (and I'm a WoC and a devoted fan of one of his former profs). Do a quite FOIA search. You might find out more than you think.

And then you might not like me anymore, but you wouldn't be the first person ...