So Courtney Love (Accidentally?) Killed Frances Bean Cobain's Cat. And Dog.

Illustration for article titled So Courtney Love (Accidentally?) Killed Frances Bean Cobains Cat. And Dog.

Frances claims the cat died "after getting entangled in piles of [her mom's] Etsy fabrics, boxes of paperwork, trash and other possessions." The dog died after swallowing a pile of Courtney's pills. The restraining order that now keeps Courtney away from Frances also bars Courtney from any contact with Frances's dog, Uncle Fester. All this is in the new eBook, Courtney Comes Clean. Sigh, you know? If you ever claimed your mom was ruining your life when she really wasn't, call her and apologize.

UPDATE: I totally forgot! We recently discussed 13 Things on Etsy You Can Use To Kill Someone, and failed to mention plain-old fabric. Courtney has so much to teach us.


[The Fix]

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I've been going through the google images trying to figure out what it is about Francis Bean that SO resembles Kurt. It's not like she exactly has any of his specific features but somehow the overall way she looks is so... him.

Also, I'd be devastated if my mom killed my pet. Poor girl.