• Has Snow White been given a sexy makeover in recent years? • Meanwhile, why doesn't Disney capitalize on its trove of female villains like it has with its princesses? We know some angsty tweens who would love that. • France's Finance Minister, Christine Lagarde, is cool and collected as she prepares for an emergency summit meeting of world leaders in Washington this weekend. • The family of an 11-year-old boy with Asperger's syndrome is suing their Manhattan co-op, whicih placed strict conditions on letting the boy get a medically necessary dog despite the co-op's no-pets rule. •• Is Josh Davis Photography the Glamour Shots of the 21st-century?• Meanwhile, what is with the surge in popularity of people uploading their embarrassing late-'80s and early-'90s mall and school portraits on the internet? (Keep sending those Past Fashions!) • Psycho shut-ins rejoice! The Japanese have invented a tiny virtual girlfriend that you can pointlessly torture to make up for the fact you have no friends. • Recent police raids in Nigeria revel a network of baby "factories" that illegally breed babies to sell to childless couples. • A woman whose husband died in 2006 while trying to scale the summit of Mount Hood, has written a book defending her husband and his climbing companion's decision to climb right as a storm moved in on the mountain. • Tyra Banks finds a way to make Barack Obama's historic election all about her. • The FDA has received 930 reports of health problems caused by wrinkle-fighting injections over the past 6 years. •