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Snow White Avenges Charlize Theron’s Stalled Career

Illustration for article titled emSnow White/em Avenges Charlize Theron’s Stalled Career

If it seemed like she'd disappeared for a while, Charlize Theron has stormed back to Hollywood relevance with a hit summer movie — Snow White and the Huntsman, which also stars Kristen Stewart and Chris I-Let-My-Biceps-Act-For-Me Hemsworth, grossed $56.3 million, beating Men in Black...Again ($29.3 million) and The Avengers ($20.3 million).


According to the Wall Street Journal's diligent tabulators (the WSJ is run by robots), Snow White achieved its box office success on the strength of a primarily female audience — women accounted for 53% of Snow White viewers. Meanwhile, Battleship still sucks and nobody cares. Sorry, Rihanna.

‘Snow White' Reigns at the Box Office [WSJ]

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I am so sick of people (boys especially) pissing all over this movie without even seeing it just because it has Kristin Stewart in it. "Derp! They won't even let her talk in the commercial, that's how bad she is!" Dude, anyone who had to play Bella Swan was doomed to a god-awful role to begin with. I don't know what she's capable of, but I'm more than willing to see Snow White and The Huntsman to find out, because it looks FUCKING RAD.