Snow White Avenges Charlize Theron’s Stalled Career

If it seemed like she'd disappeared for a while, Charlize Theron has stormed back to Hollywood relevance with a hit summer movie — Snow White and the Huntsman, which also stars Kristen Stewart and Chris I-Let-My-Biceps-Act-For-Me Hemsworth, grossed $56.3 million, beating Men in Black...Again ($29.3 million) and The Avengers ($20.3 million).

According to the Wall Street Journal's diligent tabulators (the WSJ is run by robots), Snow White achieved its box office success on the strength of a primarily female audience — women accounted for 53% of Snow White viewers. Meanwhile, Battleship still sucks and nobody cares. Sorry, Rihanna.


‘Snow White' Reigns at the Box Office [WSJ]

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