Illustration for article titled Snoop Dogg Wants to Get High With President Obama and Convince Him to Legalize Weed

As always, Snoop Dogg has an innovative approach to getting things done. He told Hot 99.5's Toby Knapp that he would convince President Obama to change the drug laws by first getting him nice and relaxed...

Before I even said "Hi" to President Obama, I would change the aroma of the room. [...] And then we could start conversing after we had that aroma change. You know what I'm talking about? [...]


He'd also let Wiz Khalifa take him into the bathroom to "have a good five minute session... and take him on a paper plane ride." Then they'd all get together, play some basketball, and come to an agreement:

We get that understanding that this is what needs to happen in order to make the world go 'round. You gotta be real superficial about certain laws. They legalized alcohol, they legalized tobacco. What is it gonna hurt to legalize this medicinal, medical marijuana that's used for purposes of cataracts.


Oh, well, if Obama can use it for his cataracts, then I'm sure he'll come around to Snoop's logic.

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