Snoop Dogg Gets It Crack-A-Lackin With Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart had her friend Snoop Dogg on her show today; before he entered the set she read a few emails she'd received from him, which contained phrases like "hit me back boo" and "fo real." When Snoop finally came out, they compared posses, and Snoop had a few vocabulary words for Martha and her audience. Then Snoop and Martha started cooking: Snoop did not know how to peel potatoes and was boggled by the idea of making mashed potatoes with "a machine," meaning an electric mixer. Clip above.


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brendastarlet is on it

With a mixer? Doesn't Martha own a food mill? Ina Garten does, and she made a yummy looking celeriac/apple mash in her last show. No need to use electricity when your own strength will do.