SNL's Ana Gasteyer Apologizes to Martha Stewart for Impersonating Her

On Monday night's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Ana Gasteyer apologized to Martha Stewart for the impersonations she did of the cooking queen during her years on Saturday Night Live. But Martha (being Martha) didn't let Gasteyer get the last word – she popped in to make a beautiful meal in 11 minutes and say some salty stuff herself.


Gasteyer apologized for playing Martha topless, pronouncing "herb," "oregano" and "chutzpah" the way Martha actually does and for "sending my drone to mockingly photograph your drone a couple of weeks ago."

In turn, when Martha came on to make some pasta (perfect for people with busy lives!), she managed to take some digs at Gasteyer. "You sound very occupied, writing apology letters about seven years too late," said the secretly funniest woman on television.


"Actually I loved your impersonations of me, they were very very accurate," Stewart added. "But I still say 'herb,' I still say 'oregano' and I do say 'chutzpah.'" Why would we expect you to stop!

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adultosaur married anna on the astral plane

martha has like, razor sharp wit, and i love it. like she could pretty much slice and dice anyone into mincemeat and she usually just hints at it.