Last night's SNL was a bit of a cameo fest, with everyone from Tom Hanks to Anne Hathaway to Paul Rudd to Amy Poehler to Norm MacDonald to Chris Parnell to Maya Rudolph dropping by.

Here are a few of the best skits of the night:

Celebrity Jeopardy, featuring a hilariously goofy Tom Hanks and a quick appearance by the beloved Turd Ferguson himself:


The Lawrence Welk Show, wherein Kristen Wiig reprises her "doll hands" character:


Will Ferrell brings back his Harry Caray impression:

A funeral gone horribly, hilariously wrong; they've done this skit before, but this was a stronger version:


Weirdly enough, NBC hasn't released the insane musical number that closed the show last night, or the "Really?!" with Seth and Amy segment from last night's Weekend Update yet. I'll keep you guys posted.

Update: Ok, it's on YouTube, apparently. But I doubt it will stay up for long: