Ok, I know I've already posted an SNL clip today, but this clip is beyond hilarious and also worth a look. The three female comedians of SNL, Casey Wilson, Amy Poehler, and my personal favorite, Kristen Wiig, along with guest host, Anne Hathaway, put on an insane Lawrence Welk sister act that is equally fantastic and demented. Wiig is tremendous as a completely insane sister who strays from the typical "sunshine and rainbows" attitudes of the others and veers into well, finding dead cats and putting honey on them. Clip after the jump.If you are outside of the US, you may be able to view the clip here. And on this note of hilarity, I am going to break for a few hours. I will be back with an open thread for you Mad Men fans. If you can't stay up to watch the show tonight, be sure to check back tomorrow to read Tracie's weekly Mad Men recap. Thanks for a lovely weekend!