Yesterday at Bravo's upfronts, the network introduced the three newest housewives from NYC—replacing the four that were unceremoniously fired last year—and rolled out a very enticing teaser of the city's fifth season, which premieres June 4. In it, we meet the three newest gals: One is a princess, one is a business woman, and one is an amputee, who was immediately insulted by Ramona Singer — within minutes of them meeting each other. This seems like the most Pinot Grigio-filled episode yet as Sonja Morgan is shown skinny dipping with a cocktail, slurring her words, and then dunking her face in a bidet. But you know, even if money could buy you class, Sonja probably wouldn't be able to afford it.

And then there's the highly anticipated return of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on April 22. It looks like the season shaped up to be "Everyone Hates Teresa."