Smart Women, Happy Husbands

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According to a new study published by Australian researchers this week, for each year of education a man's wife has, the more satisfied he is with his life. We'd make a joke about Bill and Hillary disproving this theory, but now that Hillary's suddenly flashing her tits like every other famous American woman, the whole marriage-of-convenience rumor seems a little shakier. In fact, isn't Bill totally looking down Hillary's shirt in that picture? Cleavage! Just as likely to get a man's attention and respect as a summa cum laude!

Bright Blokes Go For Smart Over Sassy [Sydney Morning Herald]
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Of course men who like smart women are happier, they are smarter.

Guys who chase women they absolutely know are not as smart as they think they are are the world's pathetic losers, married or not.

I aplaud the Australian social scientists for documenting the obvious!