Smart Toddler Corrects Important 'Tiger Bread' Oversight

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Does this bread look like a tiger? No, it looks like a giraffe! And Lily Robinson, age 3, wasn't going to stand for it anymore. With the help of her mom, she wrote a letter British chain Sainsbury's, which sold the bread. This touched off a mass Facebook campaign, and this week, the store caved: "In response to overwhelming customer feedback that our Tiger Bread has more resemblance to a giraffe, from today we will be changing our Tiger Bread to Giraffe Bread and seeing how that goes."

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I love everything about this. Kid made cute and smart observation with help of supportive parent. Store responded very well initially, which caused parent to bring them some publicity. Other customers agreed, so store made a change! I like the "we'll see how it goes" too. This is how to do things.