A new survey commissioned by electronics-giant Samsung proves what we've suspected all along: Cell phones are making women stupid! (Yes, yes, they make men stupid too, but this was a study about women so work with us!) In addition to promoting obnoxious, inane, usually-pointless conversations in public places like city buses — can't people be alone with their thoughts for more than 60 seconds anymore? Or, you know, read? — cell phones are creating a class of singletons who suffer from what we'll call BlackBerry-blackouts, in which they text or call people (usually ex-boyfriends) and don't remember doing so the next morning. Then there are those like Amy Brozick, who proudly uses her cell phone as a stand-in for her hippocampus.

'I don't know anyone's number because I don't have to,' she said. 'Whenever I lose my phone and need to call someone, I am lost because everything is automatic.' Brozick said it's difficult to remember phone numbers, even the important ones. 'It took me a year to memorize my last boyfriend's number, and the last numbers were 9000,' she said.


We rest our case.

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