Smart Little Girl Wins Christmas With Hilarious Letter to Mom

Here it is, the final full-on Christmas post of the day: It starts with a little girl thanking her mom for putting up with a disgusting spoiled brat followed by a plot twist none of us saw coming. And then there's the Nisha call.

As any of us who've written a letter to our mothers thanking them for everything — "I like that you keep me alive and let me wear shoes" — know, you want your letter to be the most special and interesting one she's ever gotten. You want her to remember it for ages, so you want to do your best to make it funny and clever. And this little girl succeeded. She succeeded hard.


I hope her little brother has some cold water for that burn. You win Christmas, you little monster! (Also: I think this letter is for real because of the pencil marks below the ink. You know how hard you work to erase those and they never, ever go away. ugh.)

Image via Imgur

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