Small Wonders

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Saturday, Dorothy and Lavern Utley's 6lb. chihuahua (not pictured) was blown away by a 70-mph wind gust. Monday, a pet psychic guided them to a wooded area where they were reunited with the pup. [Breitbart]

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Call me a cynic or whatevs- but if I knew a 6lb lil' pup blew away in a storm, the first place I'd look is the wooded area within a mile of where she was last seen. That's common sense, not a sixth sense.


In other terrible chihuahua news- there was a raging community debate in the Beaches area of Toronto this winter about how to deal with a coyote who hopped a fence and took off with a chihuahua. []

In the end they went with "relocation" over "euthanasia" which makes sense, seeing as his only crime was being a coyote.