Louis Vuitton, artistic supporters of the space program, last night celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing at the American Museum of Natural History. Why were Whitney Port and Gossip Girl actors and British pop singers there? Not sure!

Whitney Port's frock - which I think she works but has maybe one too many elements for the common palette, as Roald Dahl would say - puts me in mind of an anecdote. I had a new dress, and my dad said, "I don't like that ruffle thing on the waist," and my mom, furious, said, "Harry, that's the peplum! The peplum is the whole point!"

Anna emailed me to say, "omg Buzz Aldrin's wife is amazing." I'll say! Lois Aldrin can work Jetsons glam like nobody's business! And she knows it! Also, I understand why they're here!


I suspect Estelle's Hefty cinch-sak chic (and I'm not being snide, I do mean chic) is some kind of homage to the space suits of the Apollo crew? No?


I have a great affection for JoAnna Garcia that's totally unrequited. So what do you expect me to say about her LBD?

On the one hand, I dig Cassie's new wave Vuitton, and like most things, she rocks it. On the other, I don't think it's appropriate for the occasion - um, everyone knows the dress code is "moon landing glam."


Sometimes Jessica Szohr makes me feel unfairly antagonistic, I think purely because she reminds me of a certain segment of uber-hip teens one grew up with in NYC, and even then I'm probably conflating her with her character in a really unfair way. Said teens were known for mixing "vintage" with Anna Sui. And weirdly, knew all the other rich hipsters at all the other schools; I think they all played bass for each others' bands. Or maybe I'm just mad because twice I've been at shows where she got to skip the line. It must be said IRL she looked lovely.

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