Small But Memorable Roles

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For many horror films, it only takes a brief scene, image, or insignificant character to set the "scary level" for the whole film. Three small roles played by women in three big horror films are the stuff that kept me afraid of the dark until, well, I guess I still am a little bit afraid of the dark. Because you never know, I could turn a corner and Karen Cooper, the little zombie girl who ate her parents in Night of the Living Dead, might come after me with a trowel! And one of my biggest fears in life, aside from anal prolapse, is ghosts of children. So even though those twins from The Shining didn't really do anything violent, they just look creepy, and that's enough to make me shudder. But there's something that attracts me to the images of Karen Cooper and the twins, and while I wouldn't want to bump into them in a hallway, I didn't mind having them on my desktop today. Zelda, from Pet Sematary, is a totally different story. Even when I just see pictures of her, I freeze up a little bit. Zelda suffered from spina bifida, and the way she was portrayed made me scared shitless of anyone with that condition. She only appeared in flashbacks of her younger sister in the film, probably totaling about four or five minutes of screen time. But she's had a lasting affect on my psyche.

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So do I get credit for my avatar?

Karen Black actually does it for me. She creeps me out in general, but Trilogy of Terror, OH MY GOD!