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Sluts Of Corporate America Watch: Julie Roehm's Husband Even More Delusional Than Maria Bartiromo's

Illustration for article titled Sluts Of Corporate America Watch: Julie Roehms Husband Even More Delusional Than Maria Bartiromos

Julie Roehm is just a blog-gift that keeps giving and giving! After getting fired by Wal-Mart for being a slut and a freeloader, she channeled the nation's Wal-Mart hate into a second career for her and her beloved Sean. And just as she gave an "exclusive" to Business Week on how the "culture" at the company was just a "bad fit" for her fabulous Nobu-loving ways, and another "exclusive" to New York Magazine — and both mags kept calling their stories "exclusive"!! — she now has both her coworker AND her husband standing up for her in the face of what she calls evil Wal-Mart's smear campaign, which is to say, their release of emails discussing Important Business Matters such as making out and being with one another "24/7/365 :)))))))))" and their obvious plant of a story in the (now edited by a former editor of Star) New York Post Business section about how Sean and Julie used to show up at the Bentonville Starbucks in their pajamas together. According to the new issue of Newsweek, Julie's hubby Mike — who hasn't, like Sean's wife, filed for divorce, no sir! — is sticking by her. Hasn't even read the lawsuit!

Mike shrugged off rumors of a Julie-Sean affair; he'd faced similar rumors about himself earlier in his career. Mike hasn't read the lawsuit, but he's resolute: "Point blank, I asked Julie. I asked Sean. I know it wasn't going on."


Um, Mike? We asked the court papers. It kind of was going on!

A Sex Scandal At Wal-Mart [Newsweek]


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Apparently, Bentonville Ark. has the largest percentage of swingers in the US. It boggles the mind why.