Sluts Get Ready to Spread Their Sexy Votes Far and Wide

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If you believe Rush Limbaugh and a lot of other conservative politicos, we sluts are everywhere these days, and we're doing our level best to ruin this country with our super sexy sex words and fancy ideas about contraception. Of course, the thing about sluts (also called women, by some more progressive members of society) is that they are technically still allowed to vote—for the moment, anyway.


So in an effort to exploit this small legal loophole and permanently shut down the Republican War on Women, a group called Rock the Slut Vote has started up and is urging us to stop trying to seduce innocent men for one second and make a trip to the voting booth. Their stated mission "is to fight the GOP effort to bully, subjugate and silence women. We will wrest the power from the word slut and help women get informed, get involved, get registered and vote." All worthy goals. So, whaddya say, ladies? Let's get out there and vote like real sluts would: over and over again, casting our ballots at any polling station we can find and spreading democracy around like it's an STI. Okay, eww, but you get the point.

Rock The Slut Vote mobilizes for liberals [Daily Caller]

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Kat Callahan

This is just too perfect, Cassie:

kyosuke: I have the same problem with slut. It isn't the word, it is that the word is used to enforce a double standard on female sexuality vs. male sexuality.

kunohiko: then it's not the word but the context of its use

kyosuke: Precisely.

kyosuke: I'm with Hermione Granger, fear/hate of the word only increases fear/hate of what the word refers to.

pyroguy: otoh, if someone's a slut, ill refer to them as such, even if they're can be raging sluts just as easily

kyosuke: Just what IS a slut, and why is being a slut a bad thing?

kunohiko: we're all sluts here

pyroguy: slut being someone who sleeps with anything that moves and has no regards for keeping safe about it

kyosuke: Also, totally relevant: []

How appropriate...