Tonight's Democratic debate got OMG nasty. And surprise! No one went easy on the black guy. First, Hillary Clinton sort of unabashedly misrepresented Barack Obama's recent statement about Ronald Reagan to mean he had a boner for all Republicans. So in response, he dragged out Hillary Clinton's history as the First Lady of the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart. Hillary struck back with some weird shit about how Republican loving Obama's law firm once represented a church that was doing a deal with a known slumlord...And when Obama pointed out that, duh, all this shit is petty and stupid, she countered with the fact that she had been dealing with such petty stupidity for sixteen years. Which is kind of also a lie, since I don't really think writing crap like Dear Socks, Dear Buddy really qualifies as putting yourself in the "line of fire", but I'll allow for some polemicist license. Dave Chappelle was there, incidentally. Oh โ€” and so was John Edwards! [Wash Post]