Slow. News. Day.

Before you get all in my grill about how huge it was that the Attorney General nominee was "vague" about "waterboarding" or Britney Spears was ordered to childproof her house and the erudite Mitt Romney likened Hillary Clinton to an "intern," let me just admit first that now that, upon surveying the day's boring headlines on a variety of news sites I'm pretty sure no one is going to dispute me when I say it was a fucking tedious day on the internet, folks. The things I didn't get to today were, like...

Something Radar about celebrities with so many endorsement deals they should quit their day jobs, and a quote from Adrian Grenier about how he wants to wear all organic clothing in the future. No, seriously. Someone in the Lame Fuck's Justice Department got in trouble for something involving black people that was actually pretty benign (I think?) and someone else painted a 9 x 9 portrait of Julia Allison's boyfriend. Seriously, that's all I got for you folks. I hope the debate on now produces something marginally more interesting, but I'm not expecting anything more interesting than my India Pale Ale and this sadly-apt comic from the Washington Post.

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@SinisterRouge: Hillary is so far ahead of everyone she isn't even bothering with the primary anymore. She's all ready running in the general election. She's the most qualified, presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat. I am right there with you in the fan club. She *rocks*. I like Biden too-he'd make an awesome running mate. Definitely not Edwards- she won't pick the loser from the last run.

Regarding Edwards- I feel for him and his doomed campaign, because I do like a lot of his ideas, especially when he talks about helping the poor. At the same time I think he and Elizabeth might want to consider dropping this lost cause of a campaign and spend some nice, quiet bonding time with the kids. She might not recover from her illness and he's young enough to run for President many more times. And it's not as if there are no other qualified candidates this time around...and while I admire Elizabeth's intentions, I would think the kids need their parents now, not the chaos of a Presidential campaign.