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Sloppy shopping.

Illustration for article titled Sloppy shopping.

The Shophound is extremely offended at the opening of uber hip, previously mobile store Caravan in Manhattan.


What on earth can those edgy groovster shopgirls have done to offend Mr Shophound?

They had the temerity to sit down! On comfy furniture! In his presence!

"When we walked in, we were greeted by a young woman standing by the register, and as we walked through we were heard a chirpy "Hello" from one of three young women all seated on the comfy furniture, all of whom remained so as we browsed the shop. Bad. Bad. Bad."


Tsk! We had a quiet word with the sloppy maidens to try and rectify the situation, and when Shophound visits next they shall spring from their seats crying 'Messiah is come! Messiah is come', perform an ancient zulu dance of welcome before prostrating themselves at his feet, quivering feverishly in ecstatic anticipation of gratifying his every desire.

And the Grevious Wrong will be righted.

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