Slob-On-Couch Archetype Officially Jumps Shark In This Hot Dog Commercial

I tried to get outraged about this Farmer John commercial, with a sloppy husband making his hot wife play the organ while he chows down on a frank. But really, I just thought: the Slob on the Couch is Over.

Once an advertising archetype has gone from funny (was there a point when people laughed at ads like this? You tell me.) to trite to roundly mocked, isn't it time to retire it? Sarah Haskins doesn't actually show us any couch-sitting in her inspired montage of commercial-husband behavior, but you just know these dumbasses are putting in a lot of sofa time when they're not killing the lawn, getting confused by Glade plug-ins, and generally tripping all over their stupid selves. Isn't it time for the Angel in the House (represented in the montage by various capable, crisply dressed women with laptops and cooking skills) to kick the Slob off the Couch? What happened, asks Haskins, to the single dude who looked so cool in car and beer commercials? Answer: Single Guy commercials are for men, and Husband commercials are for women. Because when you get married, your wife is in charge of everything. Including the organ.

Even if commercial ladies can't land suave, handy husbands who make dinner without fucking it up (and really, where would the American advertising business be without mind-numbingly repetitive cliché?), could we at least get a little equal-opportunity slobitude? I'm currently sitting on my couch, wearing a t-shirt and my high school running shorts. I haven't washed my hair, and while I don't eat hot dogs, I did just polish off a bowl of my roommate's Honey Nut Cheerios. Plus I stubbed my toe. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: where's my fucking commercial?


Women Will Not Like This Farmer John's Spot [AdFreak]

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But the fat, stupid, lazy husband is the wimmen's way of keeping poor Whitey down! If Whitey doesn't have that "stereotype" to point to, to prove he's being discriminated against, what will he do?

Oh, wait, he can still say Christians are persecuted. Carry on.