Slavoj Žižek, Dreamboat, Thinks Flowers Are "Dental Vaginas Threatening to Swallow You"

This is Slavoj Žižek, but you probably already know him because he is the man of your dreams and you are hoping to marry him one day. Expect your feelings to intensify as you listen to his delightful/romantic rants about how flowers are just growing sets of vagina teeth.


Here's the transcript:

My relationship towards tulips is inherently Lynchian. I think they are disgusting. Just imagine. Aren't these some kind of, how do you call it, vagina dentata, dental vaginas threatening to swallow you? I think that flowers are something inherently disgusting. I mean, are people aware what a horrible thing these flowers are? I mean, basically it's an open invitation to all insects and bees, "Come and screw me," you know? I think that flowers should be forbidden to children.


Race you to the chapel!

Sh*t Slavoj Žižek Says of the Day [The Daily What]

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So no one else think this is kind of hilarious, brilliant and not at all nonsensical when viewed through a certain philosophical prism, for which, in fact, Lynchian is a very good description? No? Shame...