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Remember yurt-dwellers Michael Roach and Christie McNally, the controversial Buddhists who remain within 15 feet of each other at all times? Well, Slate deputy editor David Plotz and his wife, Atlantic contributing editor Hanna Rosin tried to embrace the Roach-McNally lifestyle, but instead of living in a remote one-room dwelling, Plotz and Rosin attempted to stay within 15 feet of each other while going about their quotidian urban lives. And guess what? Hilarity ensued, but not without a dash of legitimate relationship reflection. First, the hilarity: Rosin discovered that her husband is the "office kitchen diva" who freaks out because his precious Fresca is not in the fridge; Plotz got irritated by his pregnant wife's constant peeing, while he waited, "red-faced, outside the ladies' room, trying not to look like a perv."


Onto the reflection: Rosin missed being able to tell her husband about what happened during her day — because her day was now their day - while both husband and wife found that they appreciated each other in new and subtle ways, which is not to say that they weren't thrilled to get away from each other by the end of the experiment. The Roach-McNally-esque stunt was both amusing and enlightening, and below is a video diary of Plotz and Rosin's experience. My favorite part is when Plotz says, in response to his wife's gentle mocking about his diet soda hissy, "You're new to the Fresca issue."


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On A Short Leash [Slate]

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