Nadifo Yusuf, a Muslim Canadian woman, claims that she was fired from her job scanning boxes at a UPS delivery plant in Toronto because she refused to hike up her skirt above her knees. Yusuf had worked as a temporary UPS employee for 2 years, and her outfit - a hijab and a floor-length skirt she would raise to calf-level - had never been a safety issue. However she claims that in April 2005, after becoming a full-time unionized employee, she was told to raise her skirt to knee-level. Yusuf and five other Muslim women provided UPS with a letter from a mosque stating that Muslim women needed to cover their entire body; however, after UPS made an investigation into the safety issues of the skirts, they said that for "health and safety reasons" workers' skirts could be no longer than knee-level. Yusuf and seven other Muslim women were fired in July 2005. [UPI]