Skinny-Dipping Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder Gets Enthusiastic Support from the Nudist Lobby

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The Republicans who decided to cap off their visit to the Holy Land last summer with a drunken dip in the Sea of Galilee have been roundly rebuked and ridiculed for their behavior, which, to be clear, would have been fine if they a) didn't have to enjoy an expensive revel with taxpayer money and b) their party wasn't so sanctimonious about things people do with their naked bodies. Though House Republican leaders have given the most naked swimmer, Rep. Kevin Yoder from Kansas, a harsh tongue-lashing for being drunk and stupid, Yoder has found support from one hilarious and unlikely quarter — the American Association for Nude Recreation.


The venerable AANR, which has served as "the credible voice for nude recreation since 1931," thinks that Yoder's spontaneous disrobing could go a long way towards promoting the "cause" of nude recreation, or, to put it another way, doing stuff naked. According to the nudist lobby, "Congressman Yoder is a typical American who enjoys skinny-dipping," and the reaction to news of his skinny-dipping during a trip to Israel has "been mostly positive" among the nude swimming community, a demographic that Yoder, a Kansas politician, unfortunately won't be able to rely on for his next election.


According to the AANR's annals, Yoder joins quite an illustrious group of politicians who purportedly enjoyed the feel of cool, moonlit water on their balls, a list that includes John Quincy Adams, Teddy Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy (obviously), Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush.

Pledging a Nude Deal [WaPo]

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EisenBolan, SJW

Is this show men naked yet covered day? This dude is not amused.

Anyways I am sure Yoder must be thanking God the Akin story hit at almost same time this story hit or Yoder would be all over the news now. Sadly the media can't seem to handle two controversial stories at once. This Yoder story had all the makings of Weiner the Sequel but died due to Akin.

Of course more time should be spent on Akin but between Akin segments the Yoder story should have been covered.