Size Zeros: Too Hungry, Fragile To Hump?

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  • Pro-ana's take note — striving to be a size zero is not only crappy for your health, but also for your sex drive. New research indicates that super-skinny women have lower libidos, not to mention fear of breaking bones during the act itself. [Daily Mail]
  • When does being shy about eating in public evolve into a full-blown eating disorder? Some girls suffering from anorexia say that their eating disorder initially started with a discomfort with eating in front of other people. Interesting. We're way more cruel and judgey towards women who have water with lemon for lunch. [USA Today]
  • An increasing number of women are getting surgery and laser treatments post-pregnancy to get their bodies back, with 67% of women polled saying they're rather get back their pre-baby body than their pre-baby sex life. Well duh, that's because they know the pre-baby sex was what got them all stretch-marky in the first place! [MSNBC]
  • An Aussie mom who got in-vitro and wound up with two babies instead of one is suing the doctor that implanted two embryos in her womb instead of the one she requested. She's suing for $332,000 — the cost of raising a child to age 21 — saying she and her husband even considered putting one child up for adoption because of the extra cost. We can see the fights now — "Mommy, I'm the one you wanted to give away aren't I? Aren't I?!" [MSNBC]
  • At least 10% of girls in England have been infected with HPV by the age of 16. Government health advisors have recommended that the HPV vaccine be given to pre-pubescent girls in order to fight the infection which can lead to cervical cancer. [Daily Telegraph]
  • School district officials in Toronto have got the same idea, wanting to administer the vaccine to all Grade 8 girls, but the Catholics are all up in arms, saying that doing so would encourage sexual activity amongst teens. Seriously, odds are even Mother Theresa had HPV — the Catholic Church needs to get their head out of their sanctimonious ass. []
  • Some outraged students are saying that Astria Suparak, Art Director for a gallery at Syracuse University, was fired from her position because of controversy surrounding the feminist installation "COME ON: Desire Under the Female Gaze". Apparently the original title included the word "feminist", which Suparak's superiors demanded she change. Since when is feminist a dirty word? [The Daily Orange]
  • Did you know that it's a crime to not water and mow your lawn? Yeah neither did 70-year old Betty Perry who's being charged with resisting arrest and not maintaining her landscaping. In a scuffle with police, granny fell and bloodied her nose and by the way, all of this took place in Utah, where real criminals, like child raping polygamists, hang out. Ugh. [CNN]
  • Remember when your ex-boyfriend insisted that he had to use Magnums because regular condoms "just don't fit right"? Well, turns out maybe he wasn't lying — condoms are not "one size fits all". [Science Daily]
  • Breast cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy find that their bones age prematurely as a result of the treatment. Sigh. Why couldn't today be a good news for people with breast cancer day? [Reuters]
  • A Wisconsin bill which gives rape victims access to emergency contraception actually includes an amendment that would allow medical personnel to refuse to administer it if it "offends" their religious beliefs. What's next? Catholic doctors can refuse to treat Jewish gunshot patients because they don't believe Jesus was the messiah? [The Capital Times]
  • A 70-year old Muslim woman is being sentenced today for her role in the "honor killing" of her son's wife — she and her son orchestrated her daughter-in-law's death after they discovered she was cheating on and planning to leave her husband. We love Sally Field, but this kind of refutes her theory. [Daily Mail]



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