Plastic surgery isn't just about turning ordinary humans into animorphs or ensuring that a Colombian drug lord who's been blackmailing your plastic surgery practice has reconstructive surgery to look like a convicted pedophile wanted by the FBI β€” it can also be about helping the innocent victims of war-torn countries, like a six-year-old girl from Afghanistan named Marizeh. Marizeh was shot in the face by the Taliban earlier this year and left for dead, but, according to NBC, she has recently received free reconstructive surgery in the U.S. thanks to the Global Medical Relief Fund, a nonprofit children's organization based on Staten Island.

After suffering through a Bruce Wayne-like nightmare (she had to watch Talbian fighters kill both her brother and father during an ambush in a remote region of Afghanistan), Marizeh was feared dead until she was found nearly three hours later suffering from traumatic facial wounds. On Friday, Kaveh Alizadeh, a plastic surgeon who'd heard of Marizeh's story during a recent trip to Afghanistan, performed about reconstructive surgery on Marizeh at South Nassau Communities Hospital on Long Island to help repair residual damage to her breathing and facial structure. All told, the surgeries would have cost somewhere north of $100,000, but, thanks to the Global Medical Relief Fund, Marizeh's procedures were totally on the house, which, while it doesn't quite make for a happy ending, is nonetheless pretty cockle-warming.


Six-year-old girl shot in face by Taliban and left for dead gets free surgery in US [NBC]

Image via Anna Baburkina/Shutterstock.