Six-Year-Old Dreams Up Damn Good Short Film

Here's what happens when you ask a six-year-old to create a movie. And what happens is wonderful. According to Mashable:

The movie, called the Scared is scared, tells the tale of a bear, a mouse, swimming pools, sleepovers, friendship, pizza and life. It's excitement, fear, joy and bewilderment wrapped up into a story full of heart and humor that only a six-year-old's imagination could provide.


But really, it's so much more than just that. If everyone in Hollywood isn't a total dummy, this will be optioned and turned into an epic adventure. Sofia Coppola? You wanna get up on this?


This is great! But have you guys seen "Written by a Kid" on Geek and Sundry?

The first one (Scary Smash) is the best I think.