Six Things You Somehow Didn't Already Know About Dennis And Elizabeth Kucinich's Beautiful Love

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You guys are not going to believe me, but there are things you didn't know about the unique and special bond shared by Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich. Sure, you already knew they met the day Ravi Shankar told Dennis he was going to meet someone special, that it was love at first sight, that they married on their second date, and that the top of his head reaches somewhere around her rib cage. And you could probably could have imagined that a writer embedded for a few days in their sphere of amorousness would find their incessant "all-limb embracing" and tendency to "practically lick each other" upon seeing one another somewhat, well, "disgusting." But Lisa DePaulo's story in next month's Elle goes beyond the call of duty! I I can't pretend to do justice to the soul-quaking power of their bond, but I can distill it into a tantalizing assortment of anecdote chocolates on which you are welcome to gorge, throw up et cetera! (Vegan, fair trade, etc.)

His name in her phone is "Beautiful Husband"

She reaches for her Blackberry. On the screen, it says "Beautiful Husband." Not Dennis, not a phone number, but "Beautiful husband." He arrives shortly after, walks straight to the booth, and slips his tongue down her throat.


When they got married he was still sleeping (aw!) on a mattress on the floor.

"But it was beautiful!" Elizabeth insists. "It was like a blank canvas, everything white. And I didn't buy or do anything. We were given wedding presents and pretty pictures and things, and I just got to do that. And I got us three dogs. Rescue dogs."

She didn't Google him after they first met.

"I wish I had [Googled him]," she says, because then she could have had a photo of him in those two dreadfully long weeks before they e-maied. "I was longing for a picture of him."


Their three decade age difference is the source of much pain and sorrow.

Do they feel 31 years apart? "Sometimes," Elizabeth says. "Only when I think, Why wasn't I born sooner so I could spend more time with him? I know his story, but why wasn't I there to help him through it? Sometimes I cry about it."


If it all seems so creepy and fanatical you have to wonder if Jesus isn't involved, well...
Dennis's dad beat him for "sneaking out" to church to be the angel in a Holy Communion pageant, and she took off for India to work in one of Mother Teresa's orphanages when she was 18, "something she had wanted to do since the age of nine, when she saw the nun on television serving the poor."

And like just like veganism and UFOs, it can happen for you too.

"Look, In Washington D.C., probably one of the most love-starved places in the planet, our story has captivated a lot of people. Some of the most hardened, grizzled people just open up." At least three people, after spending time with Dennis and Elizabeth, met their soul mates, the couple divulge. "Oh, it's been wonderful." Elizabeth says. "You read the fairy tales, prince, princess, and all that, but people don't really believe that happens in normal people's lives."
"But they want to!" Dennis says.


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