Six Suggestions For Addison Montgomery

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So it's finally official (even though it's felt official forever) — Dr. Addison Montgomery (once Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, natch) is leaving Seattle Grace and Grey's Anatomy, headed into the world of spinoff-dom with a new series debuting this fall, Private Practice.


Quite frankly, we're worried about Addison. She used to be one fierce bitch, but the more time she spent in Seattle, the whinier and weaker she got. So we're understandably concerned that when she make the big move to L..A., her sass will only further erode. So as a preventative measure, we've come up with ahem, a prescription we think will help both bring her back to her former ways, and save her from becoming another vapid LA twat.

Doctor's Notes For Addison Montgomery:

1) Don't go blonde. We know, we know — everyone's doing it and you want to fit in with your new surroundings. But a good 80% of your character is that you are, simply, the chick with the fiery locks. Keep it that way.

2) Don't starve yourself. If we wanted a series centered around an emaciated woman, Meredith Grey would have gotten the gig.

3) Hook up with the hottest doc we've seen yet, Sam [Taye Diggs]. Sure, Sam's the ex-husband of your best friend, but not only would that not have deterred the old you, it would have encouraged you. Go for it. Please.

4) Do not hook up with the surfer dude who plays receptionist at the clinic. First off, aforementioned best friend has a thing for him. Ex-husbands are one thing. Rebound eye-candy is a whole other story. Also, we're not sure he's of legal age, and while your judgment has been slipping lately, even you wouldn't put yourself at risk of statutory rape.

5) Sort out that whiny therapist girl, Violet, stat. Shoot her mean looks and if that doesn't work, sleep with her newly-married ex-boyfriend. Tough love is needed, and no one knows that better than you.


6) And whatever you do, do not — we repeat, DO NOT — go to Pinkberry. One spoonful of yogurt, and you're too far gone to save, girl. Pinkberry is what blonde, eating-disordered L.A. girls do to solve their problems instead of, say, sleeping with their best friend's ex-husband. You are not that woman.

To sum up: Have safe, legal sex, don't touch your hair, and eat . (Just not yogurt).


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7) Stop talking to the elevator. It's embarrassing.

8) Start sleeping with the ladies. We hear Jennifer Beals does good girl-on-girl.

9) Don't ever refer to yourself again as "barren" or "dried up." That's just offensive.