Six Reasons We Are Gay For Designer Michael Vollbracht

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A point of clarification: Sure, we called just-resigned Bill Blass designer Michael Vollbracht a "bitch" last week. And we stand by that claim — word on the street is that Vollbracht, who in all fairness never saw the kind of success of he should have (um, paging Patrick Robinson?), is a pain to work with. But for those of us who think we say "bitch" in a bad way: You're talking to the wrong bitches! In fact, ever since he stopped clanging his gray head against the walls of the celebrity-sartorial complex and started giving interviews, we've been in total LURVE with what he's had to say:

I had an epiphany recently. I realized I am the old guard. I used to turn heads... I'll be 60 in November. For a gay man, that's a huge thing. We become trolls at 45.

I had someone come up to me and say, 'You do such beautiful clothes. Another woman patted my hand and said, 'Don't take that as a compliment.'

I didn't know the rules. You've got to be with the right stylist, the right models, the right mafia — when all it just comes down to is... clothes.

The stylist has more power than I do. [At Bill Blass] we're sending thousands of dollars in FedExes to Halle Berry and Catherine Zeta-Jones [only to have the clothes go unworn]. We're all sending this [stuff] out there. That's the thing I didn't understand, the power of the stylist.

I know I was disliked, but I have no bones to pick with the press. Though my youth is gone and my beauty is gone, my character remains intact.


Mikey baby! We so relate! Except for the beautiful clothes and sterling character, but you know what we mean. Lose the integrity and come join us! The insurance is kinda sketchy, but we'll let you dictate all of your posts into our iPods, and the only in-crowd intelligentsia you'll have to infiltrate is the club of crotchety drunk-ass bloggers!

Speaking of, we're almost late for our Friday afternoon goblet of bourbon. Join us for one sometime!

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