1/31/2022 - Spotify’s ‘Solution’ to Joe Rogan’s Misinformation Actually Sucks

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1/27/2022 - Evangeline Lilly Says She's 'Pro-Choice'... From RFK Jr's Anti-Vax Rally

1/27/2022 - Judge Blocks South Dakota's Unnecessary Abortion Ban

1/27/2022 - Polish Woman Dies After Being Forced to Carry Dead Fetus for a Week

1/27/2022 - Janet Jackson's Lifetime Doc Is a Fine Primer, But Lacks Revelations

1/27/2022 - Michael Avenatti Threatens to Cross-Examine Stormy Daniels for Six Hours

1/27/2022 - Police Open Criminal Investigation Into Lauren Smith-Fields' Death, Nearly Two Months Later

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1/26/2022 - Thank U, Next

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1/25/2022 - This Terrifying Woman Hopes to Run Michigan's Elections

1/25/2022 - Cheryl Hines Finally Denounces Husband RFK Jr.'s Holocaust Remarks

1/25/2022 - Judge Tries to Deny Teen Abortion Over Her GPA

1/25/2022 - John Cameron Mitchell Talks Sex and Cancel Culture

1/25/2022 - You Are Not Owed a Reason for Somebody's Abortion

1/25/2022 - Direct Cash Payments to Low-Income Moms Help Babies’ Brain Development

1/25/2022 - Chile's President-Elect Backs Taylor Swift in Her Latest Internet Beef

1/24/2022 - Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Case Relies on Myths About Asian-Americans

1/24/2022 - Pennsylvania Governor Candidate Pledges to ‘Protect Girls’ and Women’s Sports from Biological Male Competitors’

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1/22/2022 - Thank You, Sarah Weddington

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1/20/2022 - Julia Fox Might Play Debi Mazar in Madonna Biopic and That's Amore

1/19/2022 - Ron DeSantis Invokes MLK to Justify Bill Banning Anything That Causes White 'Discomfort'

1/19/2022 - André Leon Talley, Fashion Visionary, Dead at 73

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1/14/2022 - FBI Warns Abortion Provider of Threat to Kidnap Her Daughter

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1/13/2022 - Dad of 16-Year-Old Rape Survivor: Judge Overturning Verdict 'Opened the Wound Again'

1/13/2022 - Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct on Campuses Are Suing Over ‘Anti-Male Bias,' and It's Working

1/13/2022 - Facebook Removes Ads for Breastfeeding Workshops And Postpartum Pants, Calls Them 'Adult Content'

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1/12/2022 - Illinois Judge Reverses Conviction of 18-Year-Old Rapist So He Won't Have to Go to Prison

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1/10/2022 - Ancient Athlete, 25, Becomes Oldest U.S. Women’s Figure Skater in the Olympics Since 1928

1/10/2022 - White Supremacist Group Joins Chicago Anti-Abortion Rally

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1/7/2022 - Lawyers Challenging Biden's Covid Vaccine Rules Both Have Covid

1/7/2022 - Two Women Lawmakers Attempt to Hold Fashion Brands Accountable for Contributions to Climate Change

1/7/2022 - California to Stop Prosecuting People for Pregnancy Loss

1/7/2022 - The Weeknd Rings in the New Year With 2022's First Potential Blockbuster Album

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