5/31/2019 - Everyone Dies, Thank God

5/31/2019 - The Furthest You've Traveled For Sex

5/31/2019 - Cardi B Gives the People and the Press What They Want

5/31/2019 - Send All the Influencers to Jail

5/31/2019 - This Week In Meghan McCain Brings an Accidental Murder Threat, Some Racism Thoughts, and a Hint That She Reads Jezebel?

5/31/2019 - It Should Always Be Called 'Jizz'

5/31/2019 - At the New York Times, 'Objectivity' Means Quoting One Trans Teen and One Anti-Trans Group

5/31/2019 - Teen Girl Exposes Principal After He Plagiarized Ashton Kutcher (?!?!?!) In Graduation Speech

5/31/2019 - Missouri's Last Abortion Clinic Granted Temporary Court Reprieve

5/31/2019 - For the Birds Is a Compassionate Documentary About a Former Owner of 200 Fowl

5/31/2019 - Somebody Bought a Damn $400,000 Ring at Costco

5/31/2019 - What Is the Best Punishment for Someone Who Steals Your Office Chair?

5/31/2019 - The Perfection Turns the Rape Revenge Fantasy Into Spectacle

5/31/2019 - Is CBD Over?

5/31/2019 - The National Spelling Bee Has Become a Fucking Nightmare

5/31/2019 - Actual Priest Says Cool Fleabag Priest Is 'Not Cool'

5/31/2019 - Hillary and Chelsea Go to Hollywood

5/31/2019 - Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Contraception

5/31/2019 - Drake Was Gifted A $200 Million Space Yacht and 'High Altitude Billboard'

5/31/2019 - Katy Perry's Career Is Never Really Over

5/31/2019 - MTV's Are You the One? Will Feature a Sexually Fluid Cast

5/31/2019 - Colleges Pressure Alleged Sexual Assault Victims to Publicly Reveal Their Identities

5/30/2019 - Meryl Streep Does Not Know What Toxic Masculinity Means

5/30/2019 - 17 Protesters, Including Missouri Director of Planned Parenthood, Arrested Outside Governor's Office

5/30/2019 - Harrison Ford Cannot Differentiate the Chrises

5/30/2019 - Elizabeth Warren Says Fox News Is 'Running a Hate-for-Profit Scam'

5/30/2019 - Witness the Decline of LaCroix, a Terrible Beverage That No One Liked

5/30/2019 - Rosalía's Long-Awaited Song of the Summer Is Here

5/30/2019 - This Is the Price of Freedom, Apparently

5/30/2019 - Congrats, Dad

5/30/2019 - Philadelphia Is Just Trying to Cope With the Loss of Bendall

5/30/2019 - Inside Tableaux, a Feminist Space for an Emerging Alternative Sex Community

5/30/2019 - Erase Your Computer Hard Drive Before You Die Unless You're a Republican Operative Known as the 'Michelangelo of Gerrymandering'

5/30/2019 - Booksmart Is Not a Revolution and Doesn't Need to Be

5/30/2019 - Here's a Good Story About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Telling Off Her Sexist Boss in Her Restaurant Days

5/30/2019 - The Pleasure of Useless Hack Videos in an Increasingly Efficient World

5/30/2019 - Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish Become Mobsters in The Kitchen, Which Is Definitely Not a Comedy

5/30/2019 - Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera Are Finally Getting Monuments in New York

5/30/2019 - Ed Sheeran, You're Dismissed

5/30/2019 - Moby's Book Tour Is Officially Canceled

5/30/2019 - Who Is This?

5/30/2019 - Disney May Stop Filming in Georgia If the Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect

5/29/2019 - 'Everyone Was Well Aware' of Jason Mitchell's Behavior on The Chi, Says Showrunner

5/29/2019 - Louisiana Is About to Pass Its 'Heartbeat' Abortion Ban

5/29/2019 - Congratulations to Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson on Their New Sex Bench!

5/29/2019 - Nancy Pelosi Really Wants Everyone to Cool Their Jets Over This Impeachment Shit

5/29/2019 - All That Is Coming Back, But Can't Possibly Live Up to the Original

5/29/2019 - Men Are More Likely to Give a Shit When Pregnancy Is... Less About Women

5/29/2019 - Because Weekends Were Made for Fun, Go See Ma

5/29/2019 - Gucci Made a Uterus Gown, But Also Wants to Do This to Tits

5/29/2019 - An Extremely Pressing Question Now That Aliens Are Real: Would You Bone One?

5/29/2019 - Let Me Design Some Luxury Vacation Experiences For Your Children

5/29/2019 - Uh Oh, The Tabloids Got Their Hands On Snapchat's 'Gender Swap' Filter!

5/29/2019 - Which Children's Show Character Has the Most Demonic Energy?

5/29/2019 - How the Avocado Fridge Came to Embody the '70s

5/29/2019 - Mueller, Translated: It's Crime Time

5/29/2019 - Phoebe Waller-Bridge Likes Writing Women Who 'Don't Give a Shit'

5/29/2019 - Songland Is a Deeply Dehumanizing Glimpse at the Process of Writing Music

5/29/2019 - Britney Spears Is Not Having This Conspiracy Theory Shit

5/29/2019 - This Minor League Baseball Team Regrets Calling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez an 'Enemy of Freedom'

5/29/2019 - The Best Part of Aladdin Is the CGI Magic Carpet

5/29/2019 - Joe Biden Has Learned Nothing

5/28/2019 - Here's a Nice Reminder That It's Been a Very Long Century

5/28/2019 - Ellen DeGeneres Says Her Stepfather Sexually Assaulted Her When She Was a Teen

5/28/2019 - The End of Game of Thrones Drove Jon Snow to Rehab

5/28/2019 - Justice Clarence Thomas Pens Bonkers 20-Page Screed Comparing Abortion and Birth Control to Eugenics

5/28/2019 - Beto O'Rourke Will Never Fail

5/28/2019 - Source Alleges Mektoub Director Pressured Actors Into An Unsimulated Sex Scene

5/28/2019 - Watch Clips of Mati Diop's Atlantique, the First Film Directed by a Black Woman to Win Cannes' Grand Prix

5/28/2019 - What's Your Bathing Suit Strategy This Season?

5/28/2019 - Important Summer Reminder: Freeze All Your Treats

5/28/2019 - New Bones and Huge Testicles Tied Up With String, These Are a Few Of Incels' Favorite Things

5/28/2019 - James Charles('s Tour) Is Canceled

5/28/2019 - Chris Brown Called Out for Disrespect After Skipping Meeting With Rape Accuser

5/28/2019 - There Are Thousands of Mysteriously Unvaccinated Kindergarteners

5/28/2019 - Arianators Beg Madame Tussauds to Melt Ariana Grande's New Wax Figure

5/28/2019 - Let's Celebrate Don Jr's Favorite Pastime: Posing With Fish

5/28/2019 - Iggy Azalea Is Pressing Charges Against Whoever Stole Her Nude Photos

5/27/2019 - Okay Fine This Razor Ad Is Pretty Good, for a Razor Ad

5/27/2019 - Meek Mill Says He Was Denied Entry to a Vegas Hotel Because He's Black

5/27/2019 - Burnout Is Now a Legit Medical Diagnosis

5/27/2019 - Olivia Jade Allegedly Knew Aunt Becky Bribed Her Way Into USC, After All

5/27/2019 - Serena Williams Casually One-Ups Catsuit-Hating French Open With Even Hotter Outfit

5/27/2019 - I Regret to Say This All-White Panda Is Not Cute

5/27/2019 - The Trumps Are All Going to England to Meet the Queen

5/27/2019 - If These Spice Girls Reunion Concert Clips Don't Make You Happy, Are You Even Alive?

5/26/2019 - Elton John Says Some Studios Wanted to Make 'Rocketman' a Lot Less Sexy & Drug-Filled

5/26/2019 - FX Wants to Do a Gender-Swapped American Remake of British Sitcom 'Peep Show'

5/26/2019 - Taiwan, Asia's First Nation to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage, Celebrates With Massive Wedding Banquet

5/26/2019 - Where Are All the Butts in Paris Hilton's 'Best Friend's Ass' Video?

5/26/2019 - Great, Now Flour Might Kill Us

5/26/2019 - Taylor Swift Does Not Have to Answer Questions About Having Kids Just Because She's Almost 30

5/26/2019 - Moby Is Sorry

5/26/2019 - Unspouse My House Is a Show About Getting Rid of Your Ex's Ugly Shit

5/25/2019 - Saturday Night Social: Life Finds a Way

5/25/2019 - Sonic the Hedgehog Is Getting His Teeth Fixed, You Monsters

5/25/2019 - Listening to Author Naomi Wolf Being Proven Wrong On-Air Is Physically Painful

5/25/2019 - 'Here We Go Again:' Judge Blocks Mississippi Abortion Ban

5/25/2019 - Ariana Grande Would Like Fans to Stop Grabbing Her Friends

5/24/2019 - Donald Trump Calls Rex Tillerson 'Dumb as Rocks'

5/24/2019 - The Time Your Summer Fling Ended in Disaster

5/24/2019 - Ed Sheeran, Chance the Rapper, and PnB Rock Will Not Make Your Ears Bleed

5/24/2019 - This Week In Meghan McCain Brings Us Praise For Joe Biden And a Promise to Never Walk Naked Through Whoopi Goldberg's House

5/24/2019 - If You're Still Calling Robert Pattinson a Sparkly Vampire, You're Not Paying Attention

5/24/2019 - Topshop Closing All U.S. Stores Following Owner's Sexual Harassment Allegations

5/24/2019 - This Tomato Drama Is *Chef's Kiss*

5/24/2019 - Did You Know: Coney Island Visitors Used to Rent Their Bathing Suits

5/24/2019 - The Republican Party is Absolutely Banking on Biden's Terrible Record to Bring Him Down

5/24/2019 - This Is How You Do It

5/24/2019 - Republicans Are Very Invested in Painting Older, Powerful Democratic Women as Frail

5/24/2019 - Lizzo Says She Was Down to Pull a Titty Out for Hustlers Movie

5/24/2019 - Queen Elizabeth II Went to an Experiential Pop-Up Grocery Store

5/24/2019 - You Don't Need to Be a Baby to Love Nightlights

5/24/2019 - Dionne Warwick Doubts Beyoncé's 'Icon' Status

5/24/2019 - Beep Beep, Get Out of Millie Bobby Brown's Way!

5/24/2019 - Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Has Reached a $44 Million Settlement to End His Sexual Misconduct Lawsuits

5/24/2019 - Will Anna Kendrick Be Enough to Get People to Pay for Yet Another Streaming Service?

5/23/2019 - Leaked Emails Reportedly Say Snapchat Employees Accessed Data to Spy on Users

5/23/2019 - Marrying Millions Asks the Question: What If Rom-Coms Were Depressing?

5/23/2019 - A Judge Has Issued a Protective Order Against Hayden Panettiere's Boyfriend

5/23/2019 - 'I'm an Extremely Stable Genius' Says Donald Trump

5/23/2019 - The Story of the Woman Who Was Raped At Hacienda HealthCare Just Keeps on Getting Worse

5/23/2019 - Moby Needs to Log Off

5/23/2019 - There's a Dramatic Beef in the Quilting Community, Over a Pair of Scissors

5/23/2019 - The Subtle Class Wars of Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Lab

5/23/2019 - House Republicans Describe Abortion as 'Second Violent Act' Experienced By Survivors of Rape and Incest

5/23/2019 - Jussie Today: I Reject Your Subpoena Edition

5/23/2019 - Joe Biden Killed Rave Culture

5/23/2019 - The Promise of a Black Future Is Compromised in See You Yesterday

5/23/2019 - How to Support a Friend Through an Abortion or Miscarriage

5/23/2019 - Ben Carson is Either a Liar or an Idiot or Both

5/23/2019 - Rihanna's Blazer Dress Reflects the Duality of Humanity

5/23/2019 - Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons, a.k.a Bendall, Have Broken Up

5/23/2019 - Drake, Go Sit Down and Make a Song of the Summer

5/23/2019 - An Innocent Would U About 'Slim Husky Snackwich' Seth Rogen Drives the Jezebel Staff Apart

5/23/2019 - Mario Batali Has Been Charged With Assault and Battery in Boston

5/23/2019 - In the Years Since the Isla Vista Shooting, the Incel Subculture Continues to Inspire Gunmen

5/22/2019 - People in Japan Are Going Wild For an App That Makes Your Phone Yell at Train Molesters

5/22/2019 - Amber Heard Went to Capitol Hill to Support the Revenge Porn-Fighting SHIELD Act

5/22/2019 - I Would Watch the Shit Out of a TV Show With Cardi B Drinking Cocktails & Interviewing Celebrities

5/22/2019 - Trump Threw a Fit In a Beautiful Garden

5/22/2019 - Just Put Harriet Tubman On the Goddamned $20 Bill Already

5/22/2019 - Is This Shoe OK? The Demonia-Brand Lolita Goth Platform Bootie

5/22/2019 - This Week In Tabloids: Elisabeth Moss and Tom Cruise Begin Their Scientology Mating Ritual

5/22/2019 - Nevada Lawmakers Poised to Remove Series of Abortion Restrictions

5/22/2019 - A Mississippi State Rep Allegedly Punched His Wife in the Face for Undressing Too Slowly

5/22/2019 - These Bronx Middle Schoolers Made the Best Podcast About Periods

5/22/2019 - This is the Logical Endpoint of the Anti-Abortion Movement

5/22/2019 - I Love and Support This Pro-Choice Italian Ice

5/22/2019 - Behold the #Girlboss-ification of Girl Scouts

5/22/2019 - How Do We Make Cis Men Give a Shit About Abortion?

5/22/2019 - Pretty Pretty Princess Was Game of Thrones For '90s Babies

5/22/2019 - Thousands in the U.S. Are Now Relying on Mail-Order Abortion Pills

5/22/2019 - Sidelined in the Service of Male Genius

5/22/2019 - The Bachelor's Chris Soules Will Pay $2.5 Million to the Family of Veteran in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

5/22/2019 - Don Jr. is Writing a Book [UPDATED]

5/22/2019 - Moby's Memoir Quickly Becoming Defined By Cooler Women Who Rebuffed Him

5/22/2019 - Aretha Franklin Hid Her Will Under Her Couch Cushions Like a True Diva

5/21/2019 - Elizabeth Warren and AOC Also Hated That Game of Thrones Finale

5/21/2019 - Aurora Perrineau on Assault Allegations Against Girls Writer Murray Miller: 'I Just Wanted Justice'

5/21/2019 - Kit Harington Almost Lost One of His Balls While Riding a Fake Dragon

5/21/2019 - A Moment of Ben Carson Being Himself

5/21/2019 - Justin Bieber Would Like You to Practice 'Self Care' By Using Deodorant

5/21/2019 - Carly Rae Jepsen's Dedicated Is a Great Pop Album (But Is It Actually Any Good?)

5/21/2019 - What McDonald's Workers Really Need to Fight Sexual Harassment is a Union

5/21/2019 - Lauren Salzman Says Being a NXIVM 'Slave' Was 'The Most Painful Thing I Have Ever Experienced'

5/21/2019 - Summer Is Coming

5/21/2019 - Hospitals Are Performing Episiotomies Way Too Often, Despite Decades of Warnings

5/21/2019 - Can I Please Start Some Drama for One Minute

5/21/2019 - Alabama Public Television is Rooting Against a Rat and an Aardvark's Love

5/21/2019 - Of Course Fox News is Partly to Blame For Trump's Desire to Pardon War Criminals

5/21/2019 - Carpool Karaoke Finds Celine Dion at Her Celinest

5/21/2019 - Downton Abbey Welcomes the Royals, Of Course

5/21/2019 - 'It All Feels Pretty Marvelous and Strange': Karen Russell on Florida, the Surreal, and Orange World

5/21/2019 - If Roe Falls, Same-Sex Marriage Could Be Next

5/21/2019 - Kim Kardashian Would Like to Speak to Your Manager, Please

5/21/2019 - Johnny Depp, Accused of Domestic Abuse, Claims Amber Heard 'Painted On' Her Bruises

5/21/2019 - Jason Mitchell Dropped From The Chi Following Misconduct Allegations

5/20/2019 - Oregon Father Steals Daughter's Girl Scout Cookie Earnings for Erotic Massage

5/20/2019 - RIP Dressbarn, The Worst Named Clothing Store

5/20/2019 - Aaron Carter Maintains Michael Jackson 'Was a Really Good Guy'

5/20/2019 - Kirsten Gillibrand Is Pissed at Game of Thrones

5/20/2019 - Trump Empathetic to Plight of Business Owners Deprived of Cheap, Exploited Labor

5/20/2019 - Here's Kate Middleton by a Babbling Brook

5/20/2019 - Muhlaysia Booker, a Black Trans Woman Who Was Brutally Attacked in April, Has Been Killed

5/20/2019 - Halsey's Support for Sex Workers Has Nothing to Do With Trafficking

5/20/2019 - 'No Spoilers' Has Been a Marketing Gimmick Since Psycho

5/20/2019 - Journey to the Pink Heart of a Salt Cave, a Wellness Trend You Can Breathe

5/20/2019 - Kamala Harris Wants to Fine Companies That Don't Pay Women the Same Wage as Men

5/20/2019 - Satanic Artist and Activist Jex Blackmore on Her Controversial Role in the Documentary Hail Satan?

5/20/2019 - James Charles Just Made Some Great Points

5/20/2019 - Megan Thee Stallion Is the Center of a New Rap Order

5/20/2019 - Welp, Get Ready for That Whitney Houston Touring Hologram

5/20/2019 - Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's Mom, Is Running For Office to Fight For Gun Reform

5/20/2019 - No, Rihanna Doesn't Know When Her Album Is Coming Out

5/20/2019 - Game of Thrones Just Needed a Bigger Budget

5/20/2019 - Justin Bieber Ruins Iceland

5/20/2019 - Where Was Hot Pie???

5/20/2019 - Sorry for Your Game of Thrones Loss, But Here's a New Westworld Trailer

5/19/2019 - The Abortion Bans Sweeping the Country Make Billie Eilish's 'Ears Fucking Steam'

5/19/2019 - Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost Are Getting Married

5/19/2019 - All Men and Multimillion-Dollar Shows Must Die: A Game of Thrones Open Thread

5/19/2019 - He's Walking

5/19/2019 - Dinosaurs Had Bedbugs Too

5/19/2019 - Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn't Pressing Charges Against the Guy Who Dropkicked Him

5/19/2019 - What Are Rihanna and Jeremy O. Harris Doing Tomorrow?

5/19/2019 - Elizabeth Olsen Could Have Been the Mother of Dragons

5/19/2019 - Leslie Jones On Abortion Bans: 'You Can't Make Me Small or Put Me in a Box'

5/18/2019 - Saturday Night Social: I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, Sloth Edition

5/18/2019 - Uber Will Now Offer the Option to Mute Your Driver

5/18/2019 - The Original Queer Eye Stars Worried They Would Have to Come Back for the Reboot

5/18/2019 - Missouri Lawmaker Apologizes for Suggesting There Is Such a Thing as 'Consensual Rape'

5/18/2019 - Say Hello to Psalm West

5/17/2019 - Trump Wants His Beautiful Border Wall to Resemble the Gate of Mordor

5/17/2019 - The Petty Way You Betrayed a Friend

5/17/2019 - Dionne Warwick and Krayzie Bone Make Beautiful Music Together

5/17/2019 - Best Places to Cry, Ranked

5/17/2019 - Lavish, Aspirational, And Totally Fake

5/17/2019 - This Week in Meghan McCain Brings Us Anti-Abortion Rhetoric, Groundhog Eulogies, and Her Father

5/17/2019 - Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins Accused of Verbal Abuse and Sexual Misconduct

5/17/2019 - Trump's Global Gag Rule Is Already Closing Clinics Worldwide

5/17/2019 - Please Look at King Edward VII's Custom-Made Sex Chair

5/17/2019 - Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber Desperately Want to Be Memes

5/17/2019 - The Royal Fantasy of Mothering Without Scarcity

5/17/2019 - Busy Phillipps's Farewell Roast Could've Used More Roasting

5/17/2019 - JoJo Siwa Explains Why She Dresses Like a 5-Year-Old

5/17/2019 - Warren and Gillibrand Propose Protecting Abortion by Federal Law

5/17/2019 - A Guide to All the Best, Worst and Hmm-Est 2019 TV Pilots

5/17/2019 - There Is No Safe Way to Kiss a Cow

5/17/2019 - Tati Westbrook to America: Leave James Charles Alone!!!

5/17/2019 - Visiting The Big Bang Theory on Its Deathbed: IT'S DEAD EDITION

5/17/2019 - Grumpy Cat Is Out of Her Misery

5/16/2019 - Robert Pattinson Is The Batman

5/16/2019 - A Judge Has Ordered Chelsea Manning Back to Jail

5/16/2019 - A YouTube Psychic Saw This James Charles Drama Coming

5/16/2019 - Another Child Has Died After Being Detained At the Border

5/16/2019 - Lawsuit Against Mount Sinai Medical School Alleges a Toxic Culture for Women

5/16/2019 - 'Every Pregnancy Is a Risk of Harm': How Criminalizing Miscarriage Could Play Out

5/16/2019 - Anti-Abortion Judge Wendy Vitter Confirmed [UPDATED]

5/16/2019 - Backstreet Boys's Millennium Made Everyone Want It That Way

5/16/2019 - James Charles and Tati Westbrook Are Rewriting Reality TV For YouTube

5/16/2019 - How Many More Stories Do We Have to Tell?

5/16/2019 - Carly Rae Jepsen Has Found Her Chill

5/16/2019 - Former NXIVM Member Testifies Keith Raniere Was 'Trying to Break' Allison Mack

5/16/2019 - One More White Guy

5/16/2019 - The Evolution of Online Eating Disorder Communities From Tumblr to Twitter Meme

5/16/2019 - A Few Highly Plausible Game of Thrones Endings

5/16/2019 - The Cast of Jersey Shore Reunite to Pay the Situation's Out of Control Prison Bod a Visit

5/16/2019 - Finally, Some Justice For Pooey Puitton

5/16/2019 - Missouri Just Passed Its Own Near-Total Abortion Ban

5/15/2019 - Kodak Black Pleads Not Guilty On Weapons Charges

5/15/2019 - The Met Will Stop Taking Money From the Sackler Family

5/15/2019 - Rihanna Is Possibly 'Preparing Her Body' for a Baby

5/15/2019 - Beto O'Rourke Live-streamed His Hair Cut

5/15/2019 - Eat Enough Bugs, and You'll Start to Realize They're Delicious

5/15/2019 - Here Are Some Abortion Funds That Could Use Your Money Right Now

5/15/2019 - So What Happens Now?

5/15/2019 - Study: Black Girls Feel the Impact of 'Adultification,' Especially in School

5/15/2019 - El Chicano Both Challenges and Caters to Latin Tropes in Film

5/15/2019 - This Week In Tabloids: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Demanded A Retraction Because She's 'Very Much In Love'

5/15/2019 - Motherhood in Alabama, by the Numbers

5/15/2019 - Let's See How Sister James Charles's Empire Is Holding Up

5/15/2019 - Celebs Save Their Fanciest Jams for Cannes

5/15/2019 - Queen Matilda's Real Life Game of Thrones-Style Battle For the Crown

5/15/2019 - Bath Bombs Ruin the Point of Taking a Bath

5/15/2019 - Britney Spears's Manager Says She 'Clearly' Doesn't Want to Perform

5/15/2019 - Paris Hilton Says Lindsay Lohan Is 'Beyond... Lame and Embarrassing'

5/15/2019 - Black Mirror's Future Includes Miley Cyrus

5/15/2019 - E.L. James's The Mister Fucks a Duck

5/15/2019 - Obria's Abortion Fake-Out Is Working

5/15/2019 - Give Emma Thompson All the Money

5/14/2019 - Alabama Passes Bill Banning Abortion From Moment of Conception

5/14/2019 - Woodstock 50 Sounds Like a Mess

5/14/2019 - Jonathan Rhys Meyers and His Mother-In-Law Allegedly Got Busted on a Weed Plane

5/14/2019 - Jameela Jamil Says Abortion Was 'The Best Decision I Ever Made'

5/14/2019 - There's No Reason to Lie to Ourselves About Climate Change

5/14/2019 - ABC Is Going to Choose to Forget About This Whole Constance Wu Debacle

5/14/2019 - Let's All Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Backstreet Boy AJ McLean's Floor Humping

5/14/2019 - Mall Madness Was Capitalism in a Board Game

5/14/2019 - Would You Spend $143 on a Bottle of Luxury Glacier Water?

5/14/2019 - Kylie Jenner Is Coming For Your Baby

5/14/2019 - Beto Has Some Regrets

5/14/2019 - Pregnancy Is An Awkward Fit For The 'Just Do It' Mentality

5/14/2019 - Statistically, a Lot More Bachelorette Contestants Have Secret Girlfriends

5/14/2019 - RuPaul Says Donning Drag at the Met Gala Would Have Made Him Mean

5/14/2019 - Midsommar Will Make You Burn Every Flower Crown and Never Go to a Festival Again

5/14/2019 - Don Jr. Might Just Shut the Fuck Up for Once

5/14/2019 - The Royal Baby Has Gone Private

5/14/2019 - Angelina Jolie's Horns and Cheekbones Are Back for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

5/13/2019 - Empire Will End After Season 6

5/13/2019 - 'The Planet's On Fucking Fire,' Explains Bill Nye

5/13/2019 - This Jennifer Lawrence Getting Married Thing Is Really Happening

5/13/2019 - Awkward Time For Mitt Romney to Compare His Wife to Daenerys Targaryen, Really

5/13/2019 - Kate Gosselin Is Getting a Dating Show

5/13/2019 - Tuca and Bertie Live In a World Where Best Friends Can Be Total Assholes

5/13/2019 - Women's Coworking Space The Wing Has a Pretty Stiff Non-Disparagement Clause in Their Membership Contract

5/13/2019 - Some Select Items from NRA Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre's Favorite Boutique

5/13/2019 - New Biography Reports Susan Sontag Authored Ex-Husband's Book

5/13/2019 - James Charles and Tati Westbrook Are Having Big Beauty Beef

5/13/2019 - Veep Gets the Dark Ending the Series Deserves

5/13/2019 - Doris Day, 1950s Icon of Fresh-Faced Innocence, Has Died

5/13/2019 - The Hustle Itself Is a Con

5/13/2019 - Introducing: Trumperware Parties

5/13/2019 - Everyone Is Trash

5/13/2019 - Jared Saves the World With PowerPoint

5/13/2019 - This Is Continuing

5/13/2019 - Felicity Huffman Will Plead Guilty in the College Admission Scam, Faces 4-10 Months in Prison

5/13/2019 - Honestly, Who Doesn't Lose It When Large Bells Clang?

5/13/2019 - Visiting The Big Bang Theory on Its Deathbed: Week 21

5/13/2019 - BTS Fans Are Camping Out in the Rain for a Free Show

5/12/2019 - Kris Jenner, Like All Moms, Plays Favorites

5/12/2019 - Everyone on Game of Thrones Needs a Good 8 Hours of Sleep: An Open Thread

5/12/2019 - Look at These Teeny Royal Baby Feet!

5/12/2019 - My New Favorite TV Show Is This Live Count of James Charles Losing YouTube Subscribers

5/12/2019 - A Writer Who Shamed a D.C. Metro Worker for Eating on the Train Could Lose Publishing Deal

5/12/2019 - To Celebrate Mother's Day, IHOP Warns Its Pancakes Could Impregnate You

5/12/2019 - Rhode Island School District Walks Back 'Lunch Shaming' Policy After Being Publicly Shamed

5/12/2019 - Peggy Lipton Has Died

5/12/2019 - Students Claim a West Virginia Nonprofit Promising to Teach Them to Code Was a Scam

5/12/2019 - These Are the Women Who Helped Our Moms Raise Us

5/12/2019 - More Than Mom Jeans

5/11/2019 - Saturday Night Social: Canadian Dog Has No Honor

5/11/2019 - Republican Lawmaker 'Trolled' by Anti-Abortion Colleague After Speaking About Being Raped

5/11/2019 - I Would Very Much Like to Build My Own Coffin

5/11/2019 - YouTubers Say Their Coachella Influencer House Was Segregated

5/11/2019 - Alyssa Milano Is Calling for a Sex Strike in Response to the Georgia Abortion Ban

5/11/2019 - 'Did You Remember Diapers?': Darcy Lockman on the Elusive Fantasy of Equitable Parenting

5/10/2019 - Happy Mother's Day to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Paid Parental Leave Policy

5/10/2019 - Your Most Nightmarish Moving Story

5/10/2019 - Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's Boring 'I Don't Care' Is Late to the Anti-Party Pop Song Craze

5/10/2019 - Prince Charles Helped Protect an Old Friend After Sexual Abuse Allegations, Inquiry Concludes

5/10/2019 - This Week In Meghan McCain Brings Us Nervous Laughter, Baths With Mom, And More Ilhan Omar Comments

5/10/2019 - Savage x Fenty Added H Cups But I Still Can't Find a Damn Bra

5/10/2019 - Sorry, Pokémon Detective Pikachu Is My Favorite Movie of the Year

5/10/2019 - Woman Orders Food, Gets Sexual Harassment

5/10/2019 - Danielle Steel Is The Shoe-Hoarding, Cashmere Wearing Danielle Steel Character You Always Imagined

5/10/2019 - Celebrating Kris Jenner, the Mother of America's First Family

5/10/2019 - Elizabeth Warren Knows What It Will Take to End the Drug War

5/10/2019 - The Pen15 Girls Are Never Ever Leaving Seventh Grade

5/10/2019 - Rihanna Drops Her High Fashion Line This Month And We're All About to Be Broke

5/10/2019 - Has Lil Nas X Actually Ridden a Horse Yet?

5/10/2019 - Republicans Are Getting Very 'O Captain! My Captain!' About Don Jr.

5/10/2019 - Blame Game of Thrones for Taylor Swift's Reputation

5/10/2019 - Where Were You When the Aperol Spritz Wars Began?

5/9/2019 - The It: Chapter Two Trailer Is Very Good

5/9/2019 - Indya Moore Speaks Out About Being Sex Trafficked: 'I Was Just a Kid'

5/9/2019 - Prince Harry Is Daddy

5/9/2019 - Donald Trump Very Convincingly Says Donald Trump Jr. Is a 'Good Person'

5/9/2019 - Marianne Williamson Is One Step Closer to Manifesting Herself a Place at the Democratic Debates

5/9/2019 - Which Bruce Springsteen Song Best Captures Anna Delvey's Prison Sentence?

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