2/28/2019 - A New Solange Album Drops at Midnight 

2/28/2019 - 'Keto Crotch' Might Be the Strongest Argument for Eating Carbs Yet

2/28/2019 - Danielle Staub Is Going to Be a Duchess 

2/28/2019 - CPAC Is a Fucking Mess, As Usual

2/28/2019 - Marshalls Will Start Selling Online Defeating the Very Purpose of Shopping at Marshalls

2/28/2019 - Netflix Is Rebooting The Baby-Sitters Club but You Should Read the Books Instead

2/28/2019 - Selma Blair Wants to Make More Fashionable Clothes for Disabled People

2/28/2019 - Tong Battle for Crab Legs Ends in Arrests

2/28/2019 - North Texas Teen Arrested for Threatening to 'Commit Jihad' On Abortion Clinic

2/28/2019 - Where Are You Going In This Teensy-Ass Skirt?

2/28/2019 - Behold the Verminfluencers

2/28/2019 - Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Find Out That Love Is Harder Than It Looks

2/28/2019 - The Masked Singer Reaches Its Inevitably Absurd Conclusion

2/28/2019 - Priyanka Chopra Wants Meghan Markle to Apologize for Missing Her Wedding

2/28/2019 - Why Leaving Neverland's Director Believes His Subjects' Claims of Being Molested by Michael Jackson

2/28/2019 - Lady Gaga Says She and Bradley Cooper Are Artists, Not Lovers 

2/28/2019 - Stevie Nicks Wrote a Poem About Game of Thrones, Loves Her Flip Phone, And Has a 'Shawl Vault'

2/28/2019 - The Northams' Racism Apology Tour Does Not Seem to Be Going Well

2/27/2019 - PSA: If Your Wife Has to Cite Marie Kondo to Get You to Clean, the Problem Is You

2/27/2019 - Jane Mayer Once Stole Back Her Dog From Laura Ingraham

2/27/2019 - Jordyn Woods May or May Not Have Also Hooked up With James Harden, Not That It Matters?

2/27/2019 - Is This Ever Cohen to End?

2/27/2019 - Majority White School Districts Are Way, Way Richer Than Majority Nonwhite School Districts

2/27/2019 - All the 'Massive Dumps' During Michael Cohen's Congressional Testimony

2/27/2019 - Here's Why a Story About a Mom Breastfeeding Another Mom's Baby Becomes a News Event

2/27/2019 - Of Course Psychics Are Reading Your Facebook Page

2/27/2019 - This Week In Tabloids: Is Meghan Markle a Class Traitor?

2/27/2019 - Disability Rights Advocate Carrie Ann Lucas Dies After Insurance Company Denied Her Necessary Medication

2/27/2019 - When Will Sex Work Finally Be Decriminalized?

2/27/2019 - Bill Targeting Trans Student Athletes Fails in South Dakota

2/27/2019 - Leave Jane Austen Out of This

2/27/2019 - Don't Ask Men How They 'Deal With' Their Wives 

2/27/2019 - Flying Is Fucking Terrifying 

2/27/2019 - The World Is Wearing Ugly Dad Sneakers Because One Designer Hates Looking at Small Feet

2/27/2019 - Melania Attempts the Editor Drape

2/27/2019 - Lil Xan and Annie Smith May or May Not Be Faking a Pregnancy

2/27/2019 - Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Are Back Together

2/27/2019 - Michael Jackson's Brothers and Nephew Defend Him Against Leaving Neverland's Molestation Allegations

2/27/2019 - Anna Sui Put Big Bird in a Caftan

2/27/2019 - There's a Second Michael Jackson Documentary Coming

2/27/2019 - Donald Trump Also Thinks Don Jr. Is an Idiot and Other Petty Dirt You'll Learn From Michael Cohen's Testimony 

2/27/2019 - Therese Patricia Okoumou Is Asking Supporters to Come to Her Bail Hearing On Friday

2/26/2019 - Wynn Resorts Fined $20 Million for Ignoring Sexual Misconduct Allegations  

2/26/2019 - Netflix UK Just Straight Up Changed the Ending to The Notebook

2/26/2019 - Jordyn Woods Is Going to Say Her Piece On Red Table Talk

2/26/2019 - Is Michael Cohen Scared or Excited? 

2/26/2019 - Who On Earth is Lil Pump and Why Is He in My Business?

2/26/2019 - Researchers Discover That Motherhood Is Not a Magical Way to Quit Drinking

2/26/2019 - Mass Detention Has Created a Sexual Violence Crisis for Young Immigrants 

2/26/2019 - How Not to Talk About a Tape Depicting Child Sexual Abuse

2/26/2019 - Time for Some Depression-Era Gangster Poetry 

2/26/2019 - We Ate Salad the Amy Klobuchar Way

2/26/2019 - Colton Meets the Dads in The Bachelor Week 8

2/26/2019 - I'm That Fat Rat Who Got Stuck in a Manhole Cover. This Is My Story

2/26/2019 - This Is a Very Bleak Preview of Reproductive Health Access After the Gag Rule

2/26/2019 - The Madwoman in the Newsroom  

2/26/2019 - Repetitive Music Can Negatively Impact Service Industry Workers, Especially If It's the Hamilton Soundtrack

2/26/2019 - Emma Thompson Explains Why She Refused to Work With Alleged Sexual Harasser And Former Pixar Animator

2/26/2019 - Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Thing Is Great, Unless You're Jennifer Esposito

2/26/2019 - Selma Blair Wasn't Panicked By Her MS Diagnosis, But Relieved

2/26/2019 - Ivanka Trump Not So Sure About This Whole Living Wage Thing

2/26/2019 - Chip and Joanna Gaines Bought a Damn Castle 

2/26/2019 - Australian Cardinal Convicted Of Child Sex Abuse

2/25/2019 - Woman in ICE Custody Gives Birth to Stillborn Baby

2/25/2019 - R. Kelly Is Out On Bail 

2/25/2019 - Lady Gaga Is Too Busy Being Successful to Think About Her Dumb Breakup Right Now

2/25/2019 - Caption This

2/25/2019 - Co-Conspirator in Murder of Dee Dee Blanchard Sentenced to Life in Prison

2/25/2019 - The Sneakily Retro Politics of 'Brutally Honest' Post-Baby Photos

2/25/2019 - The Two Smartest People at the Vanity Fair Oscars Afterparty Wore Tracksuits

2/25/2019 - Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman 

2/25/2019 - Congrats to Kim Cattrall on Her New Show!

2/25/2019 - I Can't Believe the Guy Who Wrote Shallow Hal Won an Actual Oscar 

2/25/2019 - Introducing the Future of Beauty: Fangs

2/25/2019 - How Will Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Come Back From These Corny Conservative Billboards?

2/25/2019 - Japan Is Also Fighting a Measles Outbreak 

2/25/2019 - Scenes From Country Night at Mar-a-Lago, Featuring Cowboy Eric Trump and the Co-Creator of the Furby 

2/25/2019 - Forget the Oscars, Watch the Documentary on the Real Green Book

2/25/2019 - Federal Judge Rules Excluding Women From Military Draft Is Unconstitutional

2/25/2019 - In Western Australia, Aboriginal Women Are the Most Vulnerable to Being Arrested for Unpaid Fines

2/25/2019 - Former Trump Campaign Staffer Files Lawsuit Alleging Donald Trump Kissed Her Without Her Consent

2/25/2019 - Rami Malek Took a Tumble at the Oscars, But He's Okay!

2/25/2019 - Chicago Police Superintendent Says There Is 'A Lot' More Evidence in Jussie Smollett Case We Haven't Yet Seen

2/25/2019 - Florida Cop Suspended for Letting Two Alleged Shoplifters Make Out in Back of Police Car

2/24/2019 - The Oscars Did a Little Bit of Good

2/24/2019 - R. Kelly Can't Afford His Bail

2/24/2019 - Hm, Something About This NRA Magazine Photo Seems a Little Off

2/24/2019 - Mahershala Ali Should Always Wear Glasses, Even If He Doesn't Need Them

2/24/2019 - Terrence Howard Defends Empire Co-Star Jussie Smollett

2/24/2019 - Congratulations, Here is Your Academy Awards Open Thread

2/24/2019 - Oh Wow, It's Every Gown and Tux On the Oscars Red Carpet!

2/24/2019 - Get Ready to Be Pretty as a White Walker: Urban Decay to Release a Game of Thrones Collection

2/24/2019 - Facebook Might Be Tracking Your Period Even If You Don't Have an Account 

2/24/2019 - South Carolina Man Reportedly Returns Home to Find a Stranger Living In His House With Kids and a Dog 

2/24/2019 - Khloé Kardashian Is Not the Next Bachelorette, but She Should Be

2/24/2019 - Viagra Might Relieve Period Cramps, but Male Pharmaceutical Execs Don't Care 

2/23/2019 - Saturday Night Social: Canine Cinephile Has Correct Emotional Response to The Lion King 

2/23/2019 - Dianne Feinstein Kept It a Little Too Real With These Children 

2/23/2019 - R. Kelly Surrenders; Is Set to Appear in Court 

2/23/2019 - What's All This About Drew Barrymore's Underpants? 

2/23/2019 - 'Dick in the First Half Hour': Roma Explained

2/22/2019 - Amy Klobuchar Made a Choice and Ate Her Salad With a Comb

2/22/2019 - The Most Complicated Lie You've Told

2/22/2019 - 'Racists Can Be Your Friendly Neighbor': BlacKkKlansman Explained

2/22/2019 - Bebe Rexha Is No Provocateur, Kehlani Is a Force, and O-Town and the Bachelor Team Up

2/22/2019 - Cardi B, From One Lactose Intolerant Bitch to Another, I Recommend Oat Milk!

2/22/2019 - Un Chien Pimple Popper

2/22/2019 - Carrie Gibson's El Norte Recenters the Continent's Hispanic History 

2/22/2019 - R. Kelly Charged With Multiple Counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse 

2/22/2019 - Jussie Smollett's Supposed Hoax Is His Defining Performance

2/22/2019 - The Utterly Predictable Political Rise of an Anti-Abortion Extremist 

2/22/2019 - Trump Administration Releases Final Draft of Title X Rule, Will Prevent Clinics From Providing Abortion Referrals 

2/22/2019 - Your Cat's Face Is Fucked Up

2/22/2019 - Office Space Exposed the Lies Millennials Are Taught About Work

2/22/2019 - Eating Pasta Almost Killed Jodie Comer on Killing Eve

2/22/2019 - Hideous Harpies and Pretty Idiots: The Right's Obsessive Fixation on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 

2/22/2019 - Time's Up CEO Resigned Because Her Son Was Accused of Sexual Misconduct

2/22/2019 - A Brief, Shameful History of Childcare in the United States 

2/22/2019 - R. Kelly Is the Subject of Criminal Investigations Across Three States [Updated]

2/22/2019 - Colorado Poised to Ban Abstinence-Only Sex Education

2/22/2019 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wonders If She'd Be Doing Something Else If Trump Wasn't President 

2/22/2019 - Visiting The Big Bang Theory on Its Deathbed, Week 15

2/22/2019 - Jordyn Woods Has Been Trying to Apologize

2/22/2019 - Surprise! The Number of Women in U.S. Media Is Still Pretty Low

2/22/2019 - Don't Be Fooled by Extreme Fasting

2/22/2019 - Two More Women Accuse R. Kelly of Sexually Abusing Them As Teens 

2/21/2019 - Judge Rules Prosecutors Violated Victims' Rights in Jeffery Epstein Plea Deal  

2/21/2019 - Watch Diane Keaton and Rhea Perlman Bring It On in the Poms Trailer 

2/21/2019 - Jussie Smollett Allegedly Texted "Might Need Your Help On the Low" to Initiate Attack Plans 

2/21/2019 - I'm So Sorry to Report the Midterms Are Back

2/21/2019 - Multiple Women Accuse Dr. Keith Ablow of Sexual Assault

2/21/2019 - The Masked Singer Wonders If You Should Say It Like 'En' Vogue or 'On' Vogue

2/21/2019 - Pinterest Is Trying to Curb Anti-Vaxxer Misinformation

2/21/2019 - Jezebel Investigates: Would You Drink Your Sister's Breast Milk Like Tia and Tamera Mowery? 

2/21/2019 - Therese Patricia Okoumou Climbs Southwest Key Headquarters to Protest Child Detention

2/21/2019 - 'It's Queer As Hell, Which Is Very Fun': The Favourite Explained

2/21/2019 - The Political Uses of Violence Against Women 

2/21/2019 - Woman Jailed Without Bond For Exposing Her Breast During Equal Rights Amendment Protest 

2/21/2019 - Elizabeth Holmes Has a Husky Named Balto and Tells Everyone He Is a Wolf

2/21/2019 - Reader, It's a Pottery Wheel

2/21/2019 - Cops Say Jussie Smollett Staged Hate Crime Because He Was Dissatisfied with His Salary

2/21/2019 - The Vatican's First-Ever Summit on Child Sexual Abuse Is Centuries Overdue

2/21/2019 - Later Abortion: A Love Story

2/21/2019 - If You Sue Gwyneth Paltrow Over Skiing She Will Sue You Back

2/21/2019 - Miley Cyrus Is Tripping

2/21/2019 - And Here We Have a Report About Donald and Melania Trump Making Out in the Dining Room of Mar-a-Lago

2/21/2019 - Michael Cohen Is Going to Testify Publicly Next Week

2/20/2019 - Get Your Girl Scout Cookies With a Side Of Shirtless Jason Momoa

2/20/2019 - Jussie Smollett Has Been Charged With a Felony

2/20/2019 - Lady Gaga Is Hanging Out in Mexico After Ending Her Engagement

2/20/2019 - Coast Guard Lieutenant Arrested on Gun Charges Had List of Targets That Included Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, and Harris

2/20/2019 - Dirtcast Would Love to Host the Oscars!

2/20/2019 - Many States Don't Comply With Even Limited Requirements Around Medicaid and Medication Abortion 

2/20/2019 - Do Ya Think This Koala's Sexy?

2/20/2019 - What Is Life Even? 

2/20/2019 - Viggo Mortensen 'Might as Well Be Played by a Hero Sandwich': Green Book Explained

2/20/2019 - Hollywood’s First Hijabi Director Wants to 'Do Something Good in the World'

2/20/2019 - My World Is Spinning Because Lisa Rinna Changed Her Hair

2/20/2019 - Who's Afraid of a Little Socialism? 

2/20/2019 - The Cute, Viral Note Left by a Working Mom Pumping Was Really an Act of Desperation

2/20/2019 - Emma Thompson Proves Actors Don't Have to Play Along 

2/20/2019 - This Week In Tabloids: Jennifer Aniston Asked Brad Pitt To Be A Character Witness Against Angelina Jolie?!

2/20/2019 - Caster Semenya's Lawyers Say a Testosterone Limit for Women Runners Is 'Flawed' and 'Hurtful'

2/20/2019 - Revolution in a Minor Key

2/20/2019 - You Don't Have to Like Bernie Sanders to Like Bernie Sanders 

2/20/2019 - From Hairball to Heiress: Choupette Is Likely in Line to Inherit Fortune

2/20/2019 - It Really Seems Like Tristan Thompson Cheated on Khloe Kardashian

2/20/2019 - Andy King Wanted the Dick-Sucking for Evian Story Removed From Fyre

2/20/2019 - Gucci Issues Security Protocol on How to Deal With 'Disruptive Behavior' Amid Blackface Scandal

2/20/2019 - Kellyanne Conway Thinks Andrew McCabe Leaks Too Much

2/19/2019 - I Only Care About This Giant Super Moon If It Is Inside My Living Room

2/19/2019 - Covington High School Teen Sues The Washington Post for $250 Million

2/19/2019 - Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Are Done

2/19/2019 - Don't Fuck With West Virginia Teachers

2/19/2019 - Mandy Moore Opens Up About Marriage to Ryan Adams: 'I Had No Sense of Self, I Was Imperceptible'

2/19/2019 - 'Danai Gurira Is Fucking Amazing': Black Panther Explained

2/19/2019 - Trans Woman Killed in El Salvador After Being Deported From the United States 

2/19/2019 - You're Going to Watch RuPaul's Drag Race for Eternity

2/19/2019 - Michael Jackson's Alleged Victims Describe the 'Fantasy' of Neverland in HBO Documentary Trailer 

2/19/2019 - Porn Director Denies Sexual Assault Allegations, Cites 'Happy' Text Messages as Evidence

2/19/2019 - All Hail the Return of Kristen Doute, Vanderpump Rules' Most Delightful Bad Guy

2/19/2019 - Burberry Removes Hoodie That Looks Like a Noose From Collection

2/19/2019 - New York City Will Reportedly Prohibit Discrimination Based on Hair

2/19/2019 - The Bachelor, Week 7: Colton Doesn't Choo-Choo-Choose Heather

2/19/2019 - Startup Seeks to Test for Endometriosis Through Period Blood

2/19/2019 - Stop Snitching on Malia Obama

2/19/2019 - What Do Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian Talk About on Their Friend Dates?

2/19/2019 - Herr Karl Has Shoved Off This Mortal Coil

2/19/2019 - Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Assault Trial Has Been Pushed Back Until June

2/19/2019 - Bernie's Running Again  

2/18/2019 - All Aboard the Golden Girls-Themed Cruise, Destination Bone Zone

2/18/2019 - Florida Man Stages Fake DUI Trial to Propose to His Girlfriend

2/18/2019 - 'I Took a Dump On the Glass Ceiling:' Here's a New Trailer for Veep's Last Season

2/18/2019 - 'They Should Have Just Gotten Will Ferrell': Vice Explained

2/18/2019 - Major U.S. Airlines Will Soon Offer a Nonbinary Gender Option for Fliers

2/18/2019 - Woman Who Called Michelle Obama 'Ape in Heels' Stole $18K From FEMA

2/18/2019 - Netflix Kills Jessica Jones

2/18/2019 - Alec Baldwin Wants to Know if Donald Trump Is Threatening Him

2/18/2019 - 21 Savage on ICE Arrest: 'I Represent Poor Black Americans & I Represent Poor Immigrant Americans'

2/17/2019 - Firefighters 'Rescue' Perfectly Chill Mountain Lion From Tree

2/17/2019 - RIP to Diddy's Wax Figure at Madam Tussauds, Now Dead & Headless

2/17/2019 - Please Enjoy This Video of Kelly Clarkson Covering 'Shallow'

2/17/2019 - Audience Members Injured After Stampede at Hamilton Performance 

2/17/2019 - It Sure Seems Like Bernie Is Planning on Running Again 

2/17/2019 - NYPD Commander Being Investigated for Allegedly Telling Officers to Shoot 50 Cent 'On Sight' 

2/17/2019 - Chicago Police 'Shift Trajectory' of Jussie Smollett Investigation 

2/17/2019 - Phoebe Bridgers on Ryan Adams Allegations: 'If Your Friend Is Acting Fucked Up, Call Them Out' 

2/16/2019 - Saturday Night Social: This Cabbage Is the Stuff of Nightmares

2/16/2019 - So Long, Payless, and Thanks for All the BOGOs

2/16/2019 - LSU Fraternity Members Arrested on Criminal Hazing Charges    

2/16/2019 - Katy Perry's Engagement Ring Looks Vaguely Familiar 

2/15/2019 - Man Can't Stand Being Told No

2/15/2019 - Your Most Outrageous One Night Stand Story

2/15/2019 - Avril Lavigne and Nicki Minaj Rally for Blondes, Cardi B and Bruno Mars Please Us

2/15/2019 - Wyoming Republican Says She Loves the Death Penalty Because Jesus 'Died via the Death Penalty' 

2/15/2019 - Big Pharma Is Into Instagram Sponcon Now

2/15/2019 - Report: Kendall Jenner Newly 'Obsessed' With the Niche Snack 'Chocolate'

2/15/2019 - 'It's Very Anti-Pop': A Star Is Born Explained

2/15/2019 - 21 Savage's Lawyers Believe He Was 'Targeted' For Being Critical of ICE

2/15/2019 - PEN15 Is a Beautiful Reminder of the Horrors of 7th Grade

2/15/2019 - Dr. Pimple Popper and the Couple That Pops Together

2/15/2019 - Ryan Adams Was Hiding In Plain Sight

2/15/2019 - Building More LGBTQ-Inclusive Sex Education for Students

2/15/2019 - Donald Trump Is Reinventing Himself As an Anti-Abortion Crusader  

2/15/2019 - Colton Underwood, Male Virginity, and Striving for Purity on The Bachelor

2/15/2019 - Scenes of Love From Don Jr.'s Valentine's Dinner

2/15/2019 - Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry Got Engaged on Valentine's Day

2/15/2019 - Lorena Explores the Value of Men and the Mundanity of Intimate Partner Violence 

2/15/2019 - Vogue Brazil Editor Resigns Over Racist Birthday Photos

2/15/2019 - Chicago Police: Jussie Smollett Hoax Reports 'Unconfirmed' and 'Inaccurate'   

2/15/2019 - This Is Body Positivity's End Game

2/14/2019 - Nickelodeon and Kenan Thompson Are Bringing Back All That

2/14/2019 - The Bachelor's Colton Underwood Says He Was Groped by Fans

2/14/2019 - F.B.I. Investigating Explicit Messages Ryan Adams Allegedly Sent to a 14-Year-Old  

2/14/2019 - This Is Certainly Going to Get Much Worse 

2/14/2019 - Does Mr. Peanut Fuck?

2/14/2019 - 'This Movie Is a Piece of Garbage': Bohemian Rhapsody Explained

2/14/2019 - Immigrant Rights Advocates Know There's No Compromising With the Trump Administration 

2/14/2019 - On This Valentine's Day, Give 'Lover' a Chance

2/14/2019 - Kenny G Is Trapped in Kim Kardashian's Living Room for the Rest of Eternity 

2/14/2019 - Aja on Their New Album, Box Office: 'My Only Competition Is Myself'

2/14/2019 - The Masked Singer and the Jackson Who Is an Alien

2/14/2019 - Peppa Pig Is Turning Your Child Into a Filthy Anglophile, Fake Accent and All

2/14/2019 - Illinois Prosecutors Reportedly Preparing to Indict R. Kelly Over Another Tape

2/14/2019 - Marc Jacobs Showed a Grip of Glamorous, Feathered Eating Dresses 

2/14/2019 - Report: Date Rape Drug Testing Often Fails Victims

2/14/2019 - Did You Know Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard Have a Fucking Teak Bathtub?!

2/14/2019 - The Steamy, Throbbing History of Romance Novel Covers 

2/14/2019 - Horny Valentines for Your Friends, Your Lovers, and Yourself

2/14/2019 - Ryan Adams Calls New York Times Report 'Upsettingly Inaccurate' 

2/14/2019 - North West Has a Boyfriend??

2/14/2019 - Hollywood Is Pissed the Oscars Will Hand Out Awards During Commercials 

2/14/2019 - Did You Know the President Will Refer to Himself As 'Don' Before He Calls Your Wife a Loser? 

2/14/2019 - The FBI Is Investigating a Suspicious Fire at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Missouri 

2/14/2019 - Jussie Smollett Gives First Interview Since Attack: 'I Want a Little Gay Boy to See That I Fought Fucking Back'

2/14/2019 - Alex Jones Will Be Deposed As Part Of Sandy Hook Defamation Lawsuit

2/14/2019 - 'It Is Definitely Pee': The Ecstatic, Pedialyte-Fueled Art of Performing Squirting in Porn

2/13/2019 - Florida Rapper YNW Melly Arrested on First Degree Murder Charges

2/13/2019 - Investigation Finds 'No Evidence' Of Racist Statements By Kentucky Teens

2/13/2019 - Here's a Video Of Miranda Lambert Clearly Pissed Off at a Steakhouse

2/13/2019 - Another President Cyber Golfer 

2/13/2019 - Ryan Adams Accused of Pursuing Women for Sex While Offering to Help Their Careers

2/13/2019 - Domestic Violence Is the Other Gun Crisis for Kids

2/13/2019 - The Relative Benefits of Marrying in the Nude

2/13/2019 - Dating in San Francisco Sucks for The Same Reason That Living in San Francisco Sucks

2/13/2019 - This Week In Tabloids: Are Justin & Hailey Bieber Proof That Heterosexuality Should Be Illegal?

2/13/2019 - Wanna Watch Octavia Spencer Terrorize Some Small Town Teens?

2/13/2019 - Woman Reported Tallahassee Yoga Shooter to FBI Months Before Shooting, FBI Didn't Find Tip 'Actionable'

2/13/2019 - Dirtcast Is Here for Your Honor!!

2/13/2019 - Woman Sues Nightclub Over Alleged Sexual Assault Streamed on Facebook Live 

2/13/2019 - How Fashion Design Helped Project Runway's Ayana Ife Take Control

2/13/2019 - Why One Woman Started Selling Abortion Pills Online

2/13/2019 - How Pop Music Embraced Death and Lost Its Sex Appeal 

2/13/2019 - No More Fur Stores in L.A.

2/13/2019 - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 Premiere Makes a Strong Case for Class War

2/13/2019 - Look At These Fancy Bitches

2/13/2019 - Justin Bieber Is Seeking Treatment for Depression 

2/13/2019 - It Should Have Been Bean

2/13/2019 - I Can't Believe I Am Defending the 'New England Patriots' of Dogs But I Am 

2/13/2019 - Women Sue Yale For Allowing Social Scene Dominated By Gross Fraternities

2/13/2019 - 'Piss Christ' Artist Now Proud Owner of a Piece of Trump's Wedding Cake

2/13/2019 - Revisiting the Sensual, Highbrow Advice of The Joy of Sex

2/13/2019 - Isn't It Romantic Is a Tepid Critique of Romantic Comedies

2/12/2019 - Texas Man in Search of Place to Smoke Weed Finds 'Well-Fed' Tiger Instead

2/12/2019 - Here's How Not to Report on a Public Transit Crisis

2/12/2019 - Kim Kardashian Doesn't Smile to Avoid Wrinkles

2/12/2019 - System of a Shutdown 

2/12/2019 - Michelle Carter Is Going to Prison

2/12/2019 - For First Time Ever, Women Over 30 Are Having More Babies Than Younger Women

2/12/2019 - Cows Join Dating App

2/12/2019 - Ilhan Omar and the Shifting Democratic Winds on Israel and Palestine

2/12/2019 - Colbert's Stage Wasn't Big Enough For BLACKPINK

2/12/2019 - Meghan McCain's Meghan McCain-iest Moments from The View

2/12/2019 - School Shootings and the Cheerily Gruesome World of DIY Classroom Prep

2/12/2019 - 'You're Not Going to End Up Happy in the Long Run': The Bachelor Goes to Vietnam

2/12/2019 - Everyone Reportedly Leaked Jeff Bezos's Dick Pics 

2/12/2019 - The Girlboss Ethos of Amy Klobuchar

2/12/2019 - Pour One Out for Cardi B's Instagram

2/12/2019 - Shout Out to the 'Bra Fairy'

2/12/2019 - Esquire's Safe Space Is a Teen Trump Cover

2/12/2019 - Don Jr. Wants Teens to Know They Don't Have to Be Socialists

2/12/2019 - Owners of Stolen Bonsai Trees Beg Thieves to Please Not Let Them Die

2/12/2019 - Women, Race, and Memory: An Excerpt From Toni Morrison's New Book, The Source of Self-Regard

2/11/2019 - Barneys Is Going to Start Selling Very, Very Pricey Weed Shit

2/11/2019 - Katy Perry-Designed Shoes Pulled From Retailers Following Blackface Outcry

2/11/2019 - Chris Pratt Says His Church is Not Anti-LGBTQ, Despite What Ellen Page Says

2/11/2019 - Kamala Harris: Blaze It

2/11/2019 - Nick Cannon Reminds Us That Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Sarah Silverman Wore Blackface, Too

2/11/2019 - Rikers Rape Victim Had to Smuggle Out DNA Evidence to Win Settlement

2/11/2019 - Valentine's Day Pivots to Hating Men

2/11/2019 - Natalie Walker Wants More Than Hollywood's Stereotypical Roles For Women

2/11/2019 - French Journalists Are Currently Dealing With Their Own Shitty Media Men

2/11/2019 - 'Where Would I Go?': Domestic Violence Victims Brace for Another Shutdown  

2/11/2019 - The Long History of the Red Scare as an American Political Tactic 

2/11/2019 - All the Surprisingly Simple and Stunningly Boring Looks On the 2019 BAFTAs Red Carpet

2/11/2019 - Ralph Northam Learns He Is White

2/11/2019 - Southern Baptist Convention Leadership Turned Back on Hundreds of Abuse Survivors

2/11/2019 - Relive All the Best Parts of Lady Gaga's Grammys Acceptance Speech

2/11/2019 - The Empty Posturing of the Grammys

2/11/2019 - After a Shoutout From Alicia Keys, You Should Know Groundbreaking Piano Player Hazel Scott

2/11/2019 - Meghan Markle Asked Her Dad to Stop Spooning Shit to Tabloids, Which He Then Spooned to Tabloids

2/11/2019 - The Trump-Loving Brother of Jeff Bezos's Girlfriend Reportedly Leaked Texts 

2/11/2019 - Tiffany Trump and Company Take Fashion Week

2/10/2019 - Here Are Your 2019 Grammy Winners

2/10/2019 - Cardi B Is the First Solo Woman to Win the Grammy for Best Rap Album [Updated]

2/10/2019 - Denver Teachers Prepare to Strike

2/10/2019 - The Grammys Should Have Let Drake Speak

2/10/2019 - Tekashi 6ix9ine, Accused of Abuse, Stars in Sex Shop's Anti-Abuse Ad

2/10/2019 - Is This the End of Music's Biggest Night? It's Your 2019 Grammys Liveblog

2/10/2019 - Male Tiger Fatally Mauls Female Tiger on Very Bad Zoo Date

2/10/2019 - All the Furs, Sequins, and Chic Louche On the 61st Grammys Red Carpet

2/10/2019 - Bob Costas Was Ousted From 2018 Super Bowl for Saying Football 'Destroys People's Brains'

2/10/2019 - Legendary Sportscaster Arrested for Making Florida Sign Less Racist   

2/10/2019 - Fake Scar Cream That Nobody Needed Cost Military $65 Million

2/10/2019 - Brad Pitt Was at Jennifer Aniston's Birthday Party, Along With the Rest of Hollywood 

2/9/2019 - Saturday Night Social: Let's Watch Kyle MacLachlan Do His Best Catherine O'Hara

2/9/2019 - Fiji Now Countersuing the Golden Globes Water Girl 

2/9/2019 - Ralph Northam Promises to Focus Remainder of Term on 'Racial Equity' 

2/9/2019 - Michael Jackson Estate Demands Meeting With HBO, Calls Leaving Neverland 'Shameful'

2/8/2019 - Ohhhh, Burn

2/8/2019 - The Most Horrible Thing You've Ever Witnessed on Public Transportation

2/8/2019 - Ariana Grande's a Mess, Cuco's Polished, and MARINA Enters a New Era

2/8/2019 - A Second Woman Has Accused Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax of Sexual Assault 

2/8/2019 - Max Landis, Who Has Not Been Missed, Returns 

2/8/2019 - Anheuser-Busch Confirms the 'Audition From Hell' Essay Is About Its Super Bowl Ad For Spiked Seltzer

2/8/2019 - Casey Affleck Says Film Set in a 'Society Without Women' Has Nothing to Do With the Sexual Harassment Allegations Made Against Him

2/8/2019 - Melania Trump's Friend Reportedly Told Her That Be Best 'Sounded Illiterate' 

2/8/2019 - The Era of Pastor Chris Pratt is Upon Us

2/8/2019 - Fourteenth Century Nun Faked Her Death to Escape Her Convent 

2/8/2019 - Does President Trump Have a Finger Up His Butt at This Very Moment? 

2/8/2019 - Michelle Williams Didn't Know Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' Until She Took a Zumba Class

2/8/2019 - Watching a Meerkat Eat a Roach Named After Your Ex Isn't Healthy, But It Is Fun

2/8/2019 - Delta, Diet Coke Apologize for Encouraging Passengers to Hit on Each Other 

2/8/2019 - Chucky Is No Longer Haunted

2/8/2019 - Healthcare Facility Where Incapacitated Woman Gave Birth to Shut Down

2/8/2019 - Ivanka Trump Says She Is Not 'President of All Women's Issues'

2/8/2019 - Kim Kardashian West's Imminent Fourth Baby Might Make Her a Chill Mom

2/8/2019 - Kevin Spacey's Attorneys Go After Accuser's Anonymity

2/8/2019 - Dr. Pimple Popper Removes a HORN from a Human Head

2/8/2019 - Visiting The Big Bang Theory on Its Deathbed, Week #14

2/8/2019 - 'Bandaid on a Gaping Wound': Treating Colds, Trauma, and Uncertainty at the Border 

2/8/2019 - Abortion in Louisiana Lives Another Day, for Now 

2/8/2019 - In What Men Want, It's Really Not That Hard to Find Out 

2/7/2019 - Florida City Commissioner Resigns After Allegations of Drunken Face Licking  

2/7/2019 - Pecker Threatens the World With Jeff Bezos's Dick 

2/7/2019 - Hayden Panettiere Is Actually on Vacation With Her Daughter Right Now

2/7/2019 - They're All Racist

2/7/2019 - Schools in England Will Now Teach Kids How to Practice Mindfulness

2/7/2019 - The Cruel and Kind Intentions of Blackface

2/7/2019 - Woody Allen Sues Amazon After They Indefinitely Shelve His Latest Film About a Man Trying to Fuck a Teen

2/7/2019 - Skiing Still Bad

2/7/2019 - Republican Congressman Tried to Get Parkland Parents Ejected From Gun Violence Hearing

2/7/2019 - The Rising Costs of the Trauma Industrial Complex

2/7/2019 - Washington County With High Rate of Unvaccinated Children Is in the Middle of a Measles Outbreak

2/7/2019 - The Masked Singer Is the Show That Dares To Ask the Question: 'What Athlete Has Two Teeth?'

2/7/2019 - Cardi B on Motherhood and Postpartum Depression: 'The World Was Heavy on My Shoulders'

2/7/2019 - Michelle Rodriguez Says Liam Neeson Can't Be Racist Because He Passionately Frenched Viola Davis in Widows

2/7/2019 - Gucci Pulls $890 Sweater Following Blackface Backlash

2/7/2019 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Introduces Plan for a Dying Planet 

2/7/2019 - Nurse Accused of Raping Incapacitated Woman Who Gave Birth Pleads Not Guilty

2/7/2019 - Jemima Kirke Had to Really Prepare Herself for Sex Scenes With Jamie Dornan

2/7/2019 - Cindy McCain Apologizes After Being Caught in Lie About Thwarting Human Trafficking 

2/7/2019 - Justin Bieber Really, Really, Really Wants to Be a Good Husband

2/7/2019 - Let's Take a Minute to Figure Out This Makeup Subreddit Drama

2/7/2019 - Trailer for HBO's The Case Against Adnan Syed Promises a 'New Chapter' 

2/6/2019 - The Sun is Also a Star Is a Romance for Our Troubled Times

2/6/2019 - In Ironic Twist, Ex-New York Times Editor Jill Abramson Accused of Plagiarism in New Book About Journalism

2/6/2019 - Hayden Panettiere Hasn't Seen Her Daughter Lately

2/6/2019 - Beto O'Rourke's Lost Weekend

2/6/2019 - Dirtcast Talks the True Crime Boomlet with 'Night Call' Podcast Host Molly Lambert

2/6/2019 - Steven Tyler, Who Once Adopted and Impregnated a Teenager, Opens Facility for Abused Girls 

2/6/2019 - Woman Who Accused Virginia Lieutenant Governor of Sexual Assault Releases Statement

2/6/2019 - Yes, I Would Love the Hot Duck Even if He Has Helmet Hair

2/6/2019 - Michelle Carter’s Appeal in Texting Suicide Case Has Been Denied by the Supreme Court

2/6/2019 - The Mother of 6ix9ine's Child Alleges the Rapper Physically and Sexually Abused Her

2/6/2019 - And Here We Have Marlee Matlin Posing in a Salon Near a Cape-Wearing Roger Stone

2/6/2019 - I'm an Abortion Provider and It's Time To Tell the Truth About Abortion in Later Pregnancy

2/6/2019 - This Week In Tabloids: Where In The World Is Wendy Williams?

2/6/2019 - Susan Collins's Support of Brett Kavanaugh Really Paid Off  

2/6/2019 - A Radical Proposition for the No-Host Academy Awards

2/6/2019 - Report Details Fashion Industry's Exploitation of Indian Women and Girls Who Work From Home 

2/6/2019 - Young LGBTQ Families Are Growing Dramatically, Survey Finds

2/6/2019 - Man Arrested After Asking Teen Girl He Met Online to Record Video of Her Father Raping Her

2/6/2019 - Stacey Abrams Is Here For Us

2/6/2019 - I Will Watch The Hell Out of This Netflix Nightmare Dating Show

2/6/2019 - Are You Also So Tired Like Joshua Trump? 

2/6/2019 - That's Mr. Cooke Maroney-Lawrence to You!

2/6/2019 - Ariana Grande Will Not Attend the Grammy Awards

2/5/2019 - The Only Thing Worse Than a Ghost in Your Closet Is a Very Alive Pervert

2/5/2019 - Handsome White Man Wants Fellow Handsome White Man to Run for President

2/5/2019 - Jezebel's Cry Time 2019 State of the Union Liveblog 

2/5/2019 - Happy Bachelorette Weekend to Lea Michele & a Very Fancy Villa

2/5/2019 - The State of Our Union Is Bong  

2/5/2019 - It's (Still) Hard Out Here for Women Producers And Songwriters

2/5/2019 - Kavanaugh Replacement Neomi Rao Regrets Writing That Gender Equality Was 'Dangerous Feminist Idealism' 

2/5/2019 - Pope Francis Says the Catholic Church Is 'Working On' Sexual Abuse and Enslavement of Nuns

2/5/2019 - PSA: Don't Leave Your Edibles Out Where the Pets Can Get Them

2/5/2019 - P!nk Reflects on Shady Contracts and Making No Money When She Started Out

2/5/2019 - We Did Our Faces With Real Housewives of Potomac Gizelle Bryant's EveryHue Beauty

2/5/2019 - No, You Aren't Imagining the Wild Proliferation of Snack Bars 

2/5/2019 - United Kingdom Includes Economic Abuse in Draft of New Domestic Violence Bill 

2/5/2019 - Ivanka Chooses the Latter 

2/5/2019 - The Bachelor Goes to Thailand and Gains an Oral Fixation

2/5/2019 - This Is What They Wanted

2/5/2019 - How Would You Describe the Sound of Eric Trump's Voice in This Clip?

2/5/2019 - Rita Moreno Says Tony Kushner's 'Dictionary Spanish' in Draft of West Side Story Script Was 'Horrific'

2/5/2019 - It's Baby Time!!!

2/5/2019 - Judge Reduces Sentence of 67-Year-Old Abuser, Argues Teen Victims Were 'Aggressors'

2/5/2019 - Guerrilla Girls Are Back to Remind You the U.S. Senate Is More Progressive Than Hollywood 

2/5/2019 - Trump Family to Spotlight Anti-Trump Family Bias at State of the Union 

2/5/2019 - Tyra Banks to Launch Modelland, Whatever the Hell That Means

2/5/2019 - Trump to Announce Plan to End HIV Transmission by 2030, Despite Regularly Confusing It With HPV

2/5/2019 - Sundance Festival Co-Founder Accused of Sexual Abuse by Whistleblowing Organization 

2/4/2019 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went Out for the First Time Since Her Cancer Surgery

2/4/2019 - Party of Five Is Getting An Immigration-Themed Reboot

2/4/2019 - Lawyer for 21 Savage Calls Arrest 'a Civil Law Violation' Based On 'Incorrect Information'

2/4/2019 - Yeah, He's Still Governor

2/4/2019 - Fly Your Going-Out Tops at Half-Staff, Charlotte Russe Filed for Bankruptcy

2/4/2019 - Keep Your Kids' Cornflakes Away from the Basquiat!

2/4/2019 - The Trump Administration Says Fixing the Child Welfare Crisis It Caused Would Cause A Child Welfare Crisis 

2/4/2019 - Taking Kamala Harris Seriously 

2/4/2019 - British Library's Dirty Books Digitized, Including 18th Century Novel By 'Roger Pheuquewell'

2/4/2019 - Goop Takes to the Skies and Also Your Couch 

2/4/2019 - Soulja Boy Accused of Kidnapping, Assaulting Woman 

2/4/2019 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's State of the Union Guest Is a Message to Survivors

2/4/2019 - What's Up With All the Instagram Shoes? 

2/4/2019 - Pamela Adlon Doesn't Have Any Answers About Louis CK

2/4/2019 - I Could Have Lived Without Knowing Liam Neeson Wanted to Do a Racist Murder

2/4/2019 - Emo YouTube Star Austin Jones Pleads Guilty to Felony Child Pornography Charge

2/4/2019 - Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Engagement Watch: Are They Gonna Do It!?

2/4/2019 - The White House Says President Trump Is Just Naturally Carrot Colored

2/4/2019 - Performance Art Ivanka Trump Vacuums Into the Abyss

2/4/2019 - Swiss Conductor Accused of Sexual Assault Gets Standing Ovation at Paris Concert

2/3/2019 - Look Who's Super Bowl Nippling Now

2/3/2019 - A Message From Cardi B's Former History Teacher 

2/3/2019 - Rapper 21 Savage Arrested by ICE

2/3/2019 - Ariana Grande Won't Trade Her New Tattoo for a Million Bucks 

2/3/2019 - Rami Malek Says Working With Bryan Singer 'Was Not Pleasant' 

2/3/2019 - Denver to Vote on Decriminalizing Psychedelic Mushrooms  

2/3/2019 - Jussie Smollett Gives First Performance Since Attack: 'Now Is the Time. Be Blacker, Be Gayer'

2/2/2019 - Saturday Night Social: Elephant Seals Are the Rightful Overlords to This California Beach

2/2/2019 - J.D. Salinger's Son Is Preparing to Release the Author's Unpublished Works 

2/2/2019 - An At-Home DNA Testing Company Is Giving the FBI Access to Its Records 

2/2/2019 - Woman Who Called Seatmates 'Big Pigs' Kicked Off Plane

2/2/2019 - Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale Held Hands, Which Makes It Official 

2/1/2019 - He's Running 

2/1/2019 - Tell Us Your Most Chaotic Super Bowl Sunday Story

2/1/2019 - Billie Eilish Buries a Friend, Nicki Minaj Is Bored, and Luis Fonsi Evolves

2/1/2019 - The Teaser for Old Friend Lindy West's Shrill Hulu Series Is Here!

2/1/2019 - Breakfast Is a Lie

2/1/2019 - Elizabeth Warren Privately Apologized to Cherokee Nation For DNA Test

2/1/2019 - Boy Scouts Are Now 'Scouts BSA,' Officially Open to Girls 

2/1/2019 - Anti-Trans Extremists Livestreamed Themselves Harassing Trans Activist Sarah McBride

2/1/2019 - Michaela Coel Won't Write a Third Season of Chewing Gum, Loves to Break Hearts

2/1/2019 - Welcome to the First Annual Jezebel Super Bowl Halftime Snack Competition

2/1/2019 - Dr. Pimple Popper Knows Nose (Particularly, Nose Caked in Pus and Sebum)

2/1/2019 - Desmond Is Amazing's 24-Hour Product Diary: 'Glitter Brows!' 

2/1/2019 - Ellen Page Asks Viewers to 'Connect the Dots' Between Homophobic Rhetoric and Physical Violence

2/1/2019 - Christina Aguilera Either Did or Did Not Try to Punch P!nk Once Upon a Time

2/1/2019 - Jake Gyllenhaal Needs to Relax

2/1/2019 - Don Jr. Wants the World to Know That His Dad Didn't Call Him

2/1/2019 - Visiting The Big Bang Theory on Its Deathbed, Week #13

2/1/2019 - Things May Be Terrible, But This Dog Wedding Sounds Pretty Sweet 

2/1/2019 - Cosmetic Surgery Is a Personal Choice